Liga MX Femenil’s Exponential Growth

The dramatic growth of soccer in North America has seen a rise in popularity for Liga MX Femenil. With viewership and attendance on the rise, the league is turning the heads of international stars and fans in both the United States and Mexico. 

It is no question that Liga MX has placed itself on the podium of the most popular leagues in the Americas. The ubiquity of Mexican clubs like Club America, Tigres, Chivas, and Monterrey have seen unwavering support for the league.

Enter Liga MX Femenil.

The passion from fans translated over to Liga MX Femenil since its establishment in 2016. In fact, the Liga MX Femenil final for the Apertura 2023 broke the record as the highest watched final in league history, with 5.3 million viewers altogether. League final attendance records seem to be broken every year, with 2023’s Clausura final between America and Pachuca currently holding the belt with a 58,156 mark. If things continue to grow at this pace, the league could become a real juggernaut in the next few years.

A Star-Filled Show

jenni hermoso

Given its impressive growth, the league has been able to not only import but produce some notable talent. Of course world champion and Spanish legend Jenni Hermoso is one of the headliners of the league, but players like Maricarmen Reyes, Katty Martinez, and Alicia Cervantes have been trailblazers as well.

Teams like Tigres, America, Chivas, and Monterrey have, in turn, built competitive rosters that have dominated. Tigres in particular, has become one of the most successful clubs in the region.

This is in part due to the pipeline the league has created from the NCAA player pool. College players looking to turn pro have increasingly made their way to Liga MX Femenil, with some even choosing the league over the NWSL. Famously, Mia Fishel chose to sign with Tigres over Orlando Pride, and she’s gone on to be one of the top forwards in the world, now starring with Chelsea in addition to the United States women’s national team.

Looking Towards The Future

liga mx attendance

The league has its eyes set on more than just growing in two countries. Partnering with the NWSL, the leagues are set out to make the region able to compete internationally; alongside the likes of superteams like Barcelona, Lyon, and Chelsea.

In fact, Liga MX Femenil sides regularly participate in pre-season tournaments such as The Women’s Cup and the International Women’s Cup that feature some of the world’s top clubs.

It’s clear the league has an advantage on its side.

In Mexico, soccer is almost a religion. Fans of clubs will support the team whether it’s the first team or the U16s. Add to that the nostalgic Mexican fans north of the border and there is a recipe for exponential growth.

With Liga MX Femenil on the rise, it is only a matter of time before it can become on of the more popular leagues in the region.

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