Jeand Doest Takes Down Police With Help of Leamssi (Warning: Do Not Attempt with LAPD)

Street ballers and police usually don’t get along, but fortunately this takes place in Denmark, where apparently the five-o are willing to get their panna handed to them by street ballers. And oh hey, they happen to be legends.

Seriously though, Jeand Doest and Leamssi have some unreal moves. Doest shows off a full arsenal of tricks including his trademark 360-degree turn. It’s no wonder Kristoffer Liicht cites him as his favorite street baller. Leamssi is equally impressive with his ground moves. I didn’t have a full appreciation of his skills until I saw this video — the man’s a full-on stud. And they didn’t get arrested!

I wish we could have fun like this with cops in L.A. Yeah, that’s probably never going to happen.

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