Italian Lowers Ace Luca Chiarvesio Shares His Freestyler’s Playlist

Luca Chiarvesio is one of the bright young stars in freestyle today. At 21 years old, he has two national championships under his belt to go along with winning last year’s Super Ball Challenge Competition, which he will be defending today in Prague.

What has earned Chiarvesio these accolades are his insane lowers, a field in which he is amongst some of the best in the world. He has the ability to knock out PATWs in his sleep, and his lightning-quick legs are a blur to the human eye. Along with Gunther, Chiarvesio is one of Italy’s top talents, and he looks to prove it at Super Ball this week.

“Freestyle taught me that the only limits you have are the ones you previously set to yourself,” Chiarvesio said. “I know this sentence is overused, but freestyle really showed me how real this is. Only the strong survive in the freestyle game.”

Chiarvesio loves to train with music in the background, and his playlist contains some intense Russian hip-hop, some of which comes by way of fellow lowers specialist Alekseev. In fact, a lot of the songs he has included was featured in other top freestylers’ videos, including Syzmo, Palle, Ethan, and Dany.

I had (‘Gipset Flow’ by Cadet) on my phone since Dany uploaded his PACT8 video against Alekseev,” Chiarvesio said. “I met Dany [and] now have a really good motivation to train to the songs he uses in his videos, which I have to say are always great.”

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