The Freestyler’s Playlist: Hip-Hop Essentials

There’s a few things you’ll never find a freestyler without: a ball, a camera, bare legs, and headphones or a portable radio to play their choice of jams. Many blend their own taste in music and fashion into their personal brand and performance, and one thing is for sure, whether they’re training for hours on end or battling on stage, you best believe there will be a soundtrack keeping those tekkers flowing. This week, Urban Pitch put together our own freestyle hip-hop set to get your Monday morning (okay let’s be real, Monday afternoon) training session started!

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Method Man, Redman “Da Rockwilder”

Starting off with an early 2000 hit, Method Man and Redman bring an insane energy with “Da Rockwilder.” It’s raw and unfiltered with an infectious beat.

Jay-Z featuring Ja Rule and Amil “Can I Get A … “

Jay-Z, Ja Rule, and Amil bring out the best hooks, beats, and lyrics in this classic hip-hop tune.

Kid Cudi “Pursuit of Happiness”

Kid Cudi is the master of trance hip-hop with wistful melodies and aimless lyrics. “The Pursuit of Happiness” drags you along for an honest and interesting ride.

Gym Class Heroes featuring Patrick Stump “Cupid’s Chokehold”

Mixing alternative rock with hip-hop, Gym Class Heroes made a heartbreak song with one catchy hook.

Outkast featuring Sleepy Brown “The Way You Move”

Another great mix of genres, Outkast combined its solid beats and quirky lyrics with a fantastic Latin melody.

Jermaine Dupri, Jay-Z “Money Ain’t a Thang”

Capturing the attitude and style of many rappers, Jermaine Durpi and Jay-Z created a song about one of their favorite things: money.

Missy Elliot “Work It”

Where there’s creative work being done, there must be Missy Elliot. Like freestylers she’s innovative, outlandish, and stylish, and makes it all look easy.

Outkast “Ms. Jackson”

You can never go wrong with Andre 3000. This song is perfect to listen to whenever, wherever you’re hard at work training.

Slaine “Slaine is Dead”

As far as underground rap goes, Slaine is slaying it. His hardcore and unapologetic style makes for an interesting listen.

DJ Quik featuring Chingy

Back-to-back raps from DJ Quik and Chingy can only end in great hooks and melodies.

Jez Dior featuring Elijah Blake

Straight from his new EP, Youthanasia, Jez Dior’s single “Forever” features vocals from Elijah Blake. Dior, a top-notch futsal player himself makes music inspired from his passions and struggles. (Check out an interview with Jez on Urban Pitch).

Wiz Khalifa featuring Chevy Woods “Homicide”

Prodigy of Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa brings an old-school attitude with a present day twist.

Travis Scott “Apple Pie”

Another newcomer, Travis Scott has his own unique style.

Handsome Boy Modeling Club

Handsome Boy Modeling Club are in a category of their own with a unique mix of genres, sampling and complex lyrics.

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