Football’s Best Trash Talkers

Hate it or love it, trash talk is an unavoidable part of football, and all sports in general. We take a look at a handful of the beautiful game’s best wordsmiths — from cheeky banter legends to downright hellish heels. 

Trash talk is a part of football that is certainly polarizing. Some love the competitive spirit (as long as it doesn’t cross a line) and some see it as disrespectful regardless of how playful it is. Regardless, the skill of getting under a player’s skin and affecting how they play is just another part of the beautiful game.

Whether your trash talk is done through playing style, on-field intimidation, or off-field comments, the main goal is to gain a psychological edge on your opponents. This list of current and ex-footballers is a mix of well-known trash talkers, and a few you may not have heard of. Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been omitted as he already receives enough attention for his comments and here at Urban Pitch, we do not want to feed his ego any more than we already do.

Matt Miazga

Starting with a defender from the United States may surprise a few people, but Matt Miazga, who is now plying his trade with Anderlecht, is responsible for one of the most disrespectful feats of trash talking in CONCACAF history. In a matchup between the U.S. and Mexico, Diego Lainez fouled Miazga. The 6-foot-4 Miazga took exception to this and squared up with the 5-foot-6 Lainez, and the height differential was glaringly obvious. As they were broken up, Miazga made a gesture to show how short Lainez was, even crouching down a few moments later to try to get to eye level with Lainez jokingly.

If you have watched any match featuring Miazga, you know that he embraces the villain persona just as many center backs before him have. A few examples would be Jaap Stam, Pepe, and Sergio Ramos. Obviously, Miazga isn’t currently at their level and may never reach it, but his attitude is the same, always trying to win battles against the opposing team’s attackers.

Marco Materazzi

Most footballers with the longevity to last two decades in professional football are remembered for their dedication and lasting contributions to the beautiful game. Marco Materazzi, who missed joining the 20-season club by one year, however, is best known for a single moment.

The Headbutt Heard ‘Round the World sent shockwaves throughout football, and is undoubtedly one of the all-time signature World Cup moments. The man who instigated it all? You probably knew it already — Materazzi.

The incident allegedly began with Materazzi pulling Zinedine Zidane’s shirt throughout the match. Zidane countered with a solid bit of trash talk of his own, reportedly saying something along the lines of, “If you want my shirt, I will give it to you afterwards.” Then came the pièce de résistance from Materazzi, a comment about Zidane’s sister that I won’t repeat here. I certainly wouldn’t condone this behavior, but it is a historic moment in football trash talk, and many Italians would consider Materazzi to be a hero, as Zidane’s red card led to an Azzurri victory.

Roy Keane

Some players (like the first two on this list) seemingly take on a different persona once they step between the chalk lines, while others are simply full throttle 100% of the time. Roy Keane is definitely in the latter category. One of the most intense players in recent memory, Keane may talk trash during the game, but his style of intimidation comes from action, play style, and willingness to die for his team on the pitch. Very few players voluntarily went into a 50-50 challenge against Keane, and I think that shows a lot about how much they feared him. He was a leader in the dressing room of whatever club he played for, but is notorious for being a difficult teammate if you don’t match his toughness and commitment.

Moving past his playing career, Keane became a manager and TV pundit, and hasn’t skipped a beat. He is willing to be brutally honest, often at the expense of the many Manchester United players who have underperformed since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson. He is one pundit that I think current players should listen to. Otherwise, they may receive a surprise two-footed tackle next time they see the retired footballer.

Jose Mourinho

jose mourinho

From one ex-player turned manager to the other, we now shift our focus to Jose Mourinho. This man lives and breathes competition, and just about every soundbite he gives to the media is a thinly-veiled piece of trash talk towards the opposition. Mourinho also takes a page out of Ibrahimovic’s playbook by talking himself up to legend status (which both rightly have earned). Mourinho will go to war with anyone, but he also shows a level of respect for the game and the people he feels that deserve it.

A famous moment of Mourinho trash-talk genius came when he was still the Real Madrid boss. After a crucial decision went against his team, Mourinho waited for the referees in the car park after the game. This has become a classic football meme and shows that Mourinho, much like Keane, is willing to die for his team, teammates, and what he feels is right.


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In recent months, Mourinho has turned to social media (mostly Instagram) as a way to vent his emotions in a wonderfully amusing sarcastic manner. Often this sarcasm also pokes fun at someone’s expense. When Spurs drew in the Europa League, Mourinho posted a photo of him looking disappointed with the caption, “Bad performances deserve bad results. Hope everyone in this bus is as upset as I am. Tomorrow 11 AM training.”

Posts like this show that Mourinho isn’t always serious with his trash talk and has begun to play into the villain role that the media created around the brashness he exhibited as a younger manager.

Diego Costa

Hot-headed with a furious competitive streak, Diego Costa is a football outlaw, reviled by enemies and beloved by allies. For years, the Brazilian-born Spanish international has been an absolute nuisance on the pitch, bothering every opposing player that gets within smelling distance of him. For Costa, anyone between the lines is fair game, as he notoriously was sent off in 2019 for making derogatory comments towards a referee’s mother.

If you search up “Diego Costa fight” on YouTube, you will be inundated with options. For those that have a particular dislike for Sergio Ramos, there’s a video that is dedicated to just the two countrymen fighting, with one altercation starting because Costa wiped a booger onto Ramos’ jersey. Now, neither of these players would win a popularity contest — they are the classic “would love to have them on your team, but hate to play against them” type of players. Hopefully, Costa, who’s currently a free agent, can make his way back to the Premier League so we can see more of his trademark shithousery.

Neymar Jr.

neymar jr

The final football trash talker is also the most talented on this list. Full stop. No questions. His game could easily do the talking for him, but he often uses his voice just to make it clear how much more talented he is than everyone he plays against. That player is none other than the prince, Neymar Jr.

Often times, we see this side of Neymar come out when someone makes him angry, whether it be a hard tackle or trash-talk going in his direction. He may have a reputation as a cry baby, and that may be warranted, but people often mistake incredible performances as just another display of Neymar’s prodigious skill, when in reality, I think they are retaliation games. When you make Neymar mad, he wants to embarrass you. And not just a little — he wants the whole world to see it.

Recently, Neymar took exception to Marseille defender Alvaro Gonzalez, who Neymar accused of racism during a Le Classique match last September. In the French Super Cup, the battle was renewed, and there were some difficult challenges, as well as Neymar mocking the defender with a goal celebration. After the game, Neymar posted an Instagram story that rubbed even more salt into Gonzalez’s wound.

Football trash talk is not always verbal. It is easier defined as acting in a way that creates a psychological edge over your combatant. Neymar and Roy Keane couldn’t be further apart in their playing style, lifestyle, and any other style, but if you look at their competitive side, it is the same fierce energy that drives them to sometimes mock opponents, go into tough tackles, and act like every play is life and death. This competitive spirit runs through every player and manager on this list, and that is why they made it to the heights they have. Trash talk doesn’t always mean hatred (I think it should never mean hatred), but it will always be a part of football.

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