The Five Most Savage Official Football Club Twitter Accounts

While it can at times be a toxic wasteland, Twitter can provide some of the most engaging and hilarious content amongst all social media platforms. In the football world, we’re beginning to see professional clubs utilize their accounts beyond the standard team news and game score updates, instead injecting their posts with personality and gaining thousands of followers along the way. 

With the advent of modern technology, the world is more connected than ever, and the footballing world is no exception. Nowadays fans can interact with players and clubs with the touch of a button. This effortless communication allows clubs to use social media, more specifically Twitter, as a marketing tool to capture and retain a larger audience. In order to engage these online fans, savvy clubs hire Twitter administrators and essentially give them free reign over the account, which makes for some hilarious moments. From jabs towards rival clubs to rib-cracking memes, these are the five pro teams that you need to be following.

5. Sampdoria

While somewhat new to the idea of hiring a savage to run their Twitter account, Italian club Sampdoria is already reaping the benefits. The Genoa-based club recently passed the 10K follower threshold on their English account, which is no small feat for a mid-table Italian club. Hopefully there’s many more tweets like the one above to come.

4. Sevilla

Sevilla may not be the biggest or best club in Spain, but their Twitter game is certainly the strongest. From a tweet referencing Bayer Leverkusen’s mocking of Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech to the Kermit GIF above, Sevilla’s English account is a constant source of entertainment. Your move, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

3. Bayern Munich

Who doesn’t like a solid Game Of Thrones reference every now and then? Bayern Munich was one of the first clubs to start cracking jokes on Twitter, and it’s refreshing to see that even the big clubs are realizing what a strong tweet game can bring. Not only does the club have one of the biggest fanbases in the world, averaging around 75,000 fans per home game, but their online audience is steadily growing as well.

2. Bayer Leverkusen

The top signing of the Bundesliga transfer market is clearly Bayer Leverkusen’s Twitter administrator. In one well-used GIF, their English account is able to accurately capture the cynicism that comes with rival Bayern Munich’s seemingly endless dominance thanks to their knack for acquiring the league’s top talent. They’re no stranger to pop culture references as well.

1. AS Roma

Always save the best for last. Roma’s English account burst onto the scene last summer with a series of well-executed transfer announcement videos, and it’s only gotten better and more savage since. From meta tweets referencing their social media strategy to memes making fun of Serie A’s recently jettisoned TV provider, Roma’s jokes always have levels to them. Roma’s English account gives fans of the club life even during the unbearable doldrums of the summer transfer market.

Which pro club Twitter account is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. 


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