Caitlyn Schrepfer, the Beyoncé of Freestyle, Shows Us Her Favorite Move

If Caitlyn Schrepfer was a Destiny’s Child, she would be a mix of Beyoncé’s hard-core talent, Kelly Rowland’s unassuming cool, and the good-news optimism of Michelle Williams. Schrepfer is quickly becoming one of our favorite freestyle superstars, and we’re not alone, as evidenced by her ever-growing following. Considering the Adidas-sponsored, former goalkeeper is one of the few females in the male-dominated sport, it’s inspiring to see her maintain an open and humble attitude.


Having met Schrepfer and seen her perform, one thing I’ve noticed is that she’s completely at ease with being a freestyler and not at all pretentious about it. She is often one of the only females at a competition, and despite the rock-star status freestylers are afforded, Schrepfer is as friendly and humble as they come, while fully owning her place as a bonafide boss.

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