What to Be Excited About in 2024

Welcome to 2024! With a new year ahead of us, we take a look at the storylines we’re most excited to see develop. 

2023 and the chaos that has come with it is over. West Ham lifted a trophy in Europe, Manchester City won the treble, and Lionel Messi claimed yet another Ballon d’Or. The Scudetto even returned to Naples for the first time in 33 years (and the city imploded, too). But as we say goodbye to all that and enter 2024, there’s still much to be excited (or nervous) about.

The Super League

european super league

The European Super League has reared its head again and in 2024, and I expect we’re going to see a lot more unfold. Its original form was abhorrent — a nightmarish glimpse at a dystopian future for football.

It was quickly shut down, but its specter has continued to lurk in the shadows. After the Super League won its court case against UEFA, a new structure has been revealed and has garnered a lot of support. I’m still not sure how to feel, partly due to the lack of true insight about what it means for the future of the game, but it’s interesting nonetheless. And even more so when UEFA is considering ditching its Champions League reforms, too. 2024 is the year we’ll potentially see a monumental shift in the game, one which is being compared to the Bosman Ruling.

Title Races


Away from a football revolution, there are several tight title races that could become very interesting down the stretch. The Premier League is the one to watch, especially since Manchester City sit in third place to start the year, and Aston Villa are amongst it all. Throw in Arsenal and Liverpool and it’s setting up for a very interesting run-in to see who takes the title.

In Italy, Inter and Juventus have locked horns in Serie A as Napoli struggle to recapture last season’s magic, but Bologna are the shock here, as they push for their first European qualification since the 1999-00 season.

In Germany, Xabi Alonso is leading an unbeaten Leverkusen charge, while the inevitable Bayern trail closely behind.

What makes all of these things interesting is whether or not the surprises in there can keep up the pace. Will Villa challenge? Will Leverkusen upset Harry Kane’s hunt for a trophy? Is a Bologna European qualification a realistic possibility? 2024 is the year to find out.


UEFA Euro 2024 - Wikipedia

We’re also getting a full slate of international competition this summer, with the European Championships and Copa America making their long-awaited returns. Germany is the EUROs host, and we can expect a proper festival of football in a country that lives and breathes the game. Eyes are on the favorites France and England, especially after England’s heartbreak in 2021. The whole tournament, as normal, will be a good one, and it’s certainly one to build your excitement over.

I often talk about how football is dying and the game we know and love is no more, but putting my non-cynical hat on, there are a lot of things to be excited about for 2024. Even more so at a lower, more underground level. One thing I’d urge from you in 2024 is to pay more attention to the creative side of football and share your love for all things art and the beautiful game. Yes, the extraordinary shift in the game thanks to the Super League is truly fascinating, but what drives our game and its culture is the boots on the ground. So, add this to the top of your resolutions: be more for the culture.

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