Umar’s Signature Move: The B-Boy Soulspin

SoCal’s Umar Dalati broke down one of his favorite moves that, as you can probably tell from the name, makes him feel like a b-boy. Considering Dalati is 6-foot and then some, it appears certain lower-body tricks might be a challenge for the lanky stud. In fact, if Dalati wasn’t a freestyler, he’d probably have a good shot as an Olympic hurdler, but the pro pulls off the sole-spin combo effortlessly.

Dalati filmed the segment for theFC during the North American Freestyle Soccer Championship (where Mexican freestyler Gio took the title), but we first witnessed him try out variations of the B-Boy Soulspin during our Adidas Be the Difference 2v2 Tournament. In person, Dalati is impressively agile, and a baller who is clearly enjoying life as a freestyler.

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