Top 10 Tekkers for the End of the World

Even as the world nudges closer and closer to what seems like inevitable, mutually assured destruction, we footballers can still count on the beauty of the game and its unifying power to get us through the day. This week’s Top 10 Tekkers is dedicated to those who love the game with unbridled joy and put in the work to give us technically astounding, out-of-the-box creative moves. Not a bad way to go out!

10. B-L-A-N-E

Remember this name. Blane, the pint-sized Canadian freestyler and lover of all things back-flippy, shows off a confidence beyond his years with this crisp and clean freestyle set. When you got the pros paying attention, you know you’re doing something right.

9. The Girl Has No Fear

At the rate he’s going, Danny Gildea of GPS Soccer Assassins must be preparing for the White Walkers, because dude is building a veritable army of crazy talented young footballers. With highly developed training methods that focus on control, accuracy, and speed, he’s raising the bar for American soccer.

8. If You Practice, It Will Come

Talk about dedication. After years of working at the PTATW (Palle Touzani Around the World), UK freestyler Andrew Munday shares his journey landing this difficult combo. The PTATW is as its name suggests, a Palle ATW combined with a Touzani ATW—which means 3 revs outside on the same foot straight into a crossover. We’re all proud of you lad!

7. When You’ve Been Panna’d and Try to Delete the Evidence and Still Fail …

Chaima Benbouazza is here to panna the haters wherever, whenever. So when a random guy challenged the ground moves specialist to a little 1v1 in a parking lot, she happily obliged. Benbouazza, or Chaimadame, rolls with Soufiane Touzani’s elite crew Los Barrenderos and reminds us all in this video that if you come at the queen, you best not miss.

6. Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number

Nineteen-year-old Marcus Rashford, arguably the most exciting thing about Man U this season, scored a critical away goal against Celta Vigo in the Europa League semifinals this past Thursday. Since his incredible debut in 2016, Rashford has brought a much-needed injection of energy to the team and is well-liked across the board. Mourinho has said the forward is someone who “loves to work” and often stays after training to practice set plays, while Pogba (who usually takes the free kicks) explained to reporters “on the pitch, you don’t look at the age.”

5. That Guy …

We all know that guy. The trickster/ground mover/ball hog who never passes in a game. In this case, we’ll give Belgium-based Mustafa Caliskan a free ride, because the baller actually takes on an entire team and finishes. But players, please still pass the ball.

4. Quiet as a Mouse

It can be difficult to remember that Japanese street baller Shiou is 12 years old. He competes against guys twice his size and boasts an unreal degree of control and skill. Here he is in a dark parking lot, no music, no frills, just getting his 3 to 5 hours of daily training in with some mouse traps and a back heel flick to finish. (P.S. Check out Soufiane Bencok’s comment in the post.)

3. How Cheeky!

Yofi Yvorra, one of the downest dudes in the street football scene, pulls off this very cheeky mouse trap / panna combo on what looks like honestly a pretty innocent, unsuspecting victim. (Sorry, guy, that’s the game). The founder of Yo Street Zone, Yvorra hones his skills and trains others in the trade in the coastal city of Margate, UK.

2. No Limits

If you happen to watch some of Jorge Ramirez’s videos, you’ll notice a few things: 1) The 15-year-old Mexican freestyler is bringing some world-class technique; 2) The kid doesn’t mind using any random, crappy soccer ball to execute said world-class techniques; and 3) Sometimes there will be chickens watching in the background. In this two-part video, Jorge does an LATW into a wrap transition, followed by a dimetto, then throws in a couple reverse wraps before finishing off with an ALATW (out) in the last clip. #NoLimits.

15 years old… ?? • @jorge_freestyler

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1. Never Grow Up!

Little homies joo-G and shun-P display the essence of football right here—pure, unadulterated happiness and freedom. Just look at the joy on these little puppies’ faces as they practice their keepie-ups. All you need is a ball.

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