Top 10 Tekkers: Hot Moves for the Cold Winter

As we slowly approach the bitter cold of winter, we thought it’d be fitting to warm things up with some of the hottest tekkers from the past few weeks. Speaking of heat, we’d like to take this chance to thank all of the brave men and women fighting the ravaging wildfires in the Southern California area. Here’s to hoping everything stays safe.

Now without further ado, here are some tekkers that are also fire, but won’t physically burn anything.

10. Multitasking

Simon Llewellyn is no ordinary act. He is originally from Belfast, North Ireland, but is now working for Palazzo in a circus variety in Germany. Freestyle football first took his attention 15 years ago when he was studying at circus school. It began with three other guys who all had a competition to see who could spin the ball first. After that he was hooked and wanted to mix freestyle with circus acts. He’s a Liverpool fan and his inspiration comes from what some call the godfather of freestyle football, Francis Brunn.

9. Balling on Ice

Hockey players who threw their sticks down to enjoy a game of footie on the ice? Classic Russians. Slide tackles and tekkers seem like an adventure on its own, but the best part of the whole clip? That panna doe.

8. Young Ground Moves

Here’s 6-year-old Ralphy Holloway from the YoStreetZone squad. At such a young age he’s already developing some strong ground moves — the English aren’t kidding around when they say they are building street ballers.

7. Garage Tekkers

Technical training is essential for ball control. Julian Gollowitzer has been training in his garage to improve that control. From technical tekkers, to some innovative ground moves, to freestyle, Julian has been working hard with the ball. At only 16 years old, he’s only just begun.

? Off season technique training

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6. More Threes Than Kobe

Ebubekir Tas was born and currently lives in Paterson, New Jersey. He has been really polishing his Palle ATWs and they have become his favorite trick to land. He’s not a big fan of watching football, but undoubtedly, Luca Chiarvesio is his favorite freestyler. Threes for days.

I feel like I should have landed an alt 3 rev by now.

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5. Tekkers ‘N Heels

Hailing from Alabama and the captain of the University of Montevallo women’s soccer team, Taylor Gonzales ain’t no joke (she also runs track for her school too). Boots or heels, she means business. Taylor’s favorite moves are either the elastico or the akka since they are simple but effective, and her favorite player is Messi. She wishes to play pro overseas one day.

4. Keep Up

Luiz Fernando Clemente is 18 years old and from Curitiba, Brazil. He participated in Panna Factory’s tournament and took the championship belt home. He wishes to participate in CPH Invitationals one day. Luiz’s favorite trick to do as a street baller is the move he created, the Slap Jump, which he uses in his ground moves.

3. Dream Catcher

Betinho Rad from Mexico is a dope freestyler. He invented two tricks, which are called the Betinho catch and the Double Catch. As he likes to say, “Creating new tricks is part of being a freestyler — create your style.” His favorite team is FC Barcelona and his two favorite players are Soufiane Bencok and Ronaldinho.

2. King Cobra

Another YoStreetZone baller, Anthony Antoniou is a 22-year-old spring chicken with some time ahead of him to polish his skills. Looking up to the great Issy Hitman, Antoniou has created what is known as the Cobra and loves using it in his ground moves.

The cobra panna in full swing! ?⚽

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1. Butter & Syrup

If you don’t know him already, Philip Warren Gertsson is on another level when it comes to freestyle. From landing some of the most powerful lowers combos to some of the most intricate and difficult sits, PWG is strictly boss. This extravagant version of a pancake is off the charts. Mind. Blown.

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