Top 10 Tekkers: Best of the Next Gen

This week’s Top 10 Tekkers is dedicated to the young ballers. These young cubs are progressing at lightning speed with dope tekkers that promise the future is gonna be on fire!

10. Hang Loose!

When the sun is out and you got a ball, there’s only one thing to do! This young Hawaiian talent is just 7 years old and is already busting out some ill ground moves. Check her out with that akka finish. Massive, brah!

9. Invasion From Sweden

Remember this name. Thirteen-year-old Jojje Lindgård recently competed in the Swedish freestyle qualifiers and in this clip takes to the streets for a bit of busking. We told you they’re getting better!

8. I Dream of Panna

Alex Lekov of the infamous Street Madness crew from Russia represents in this Panna Pro clip, showcasing a smooth style and miles of potential. @pannahouse #pannahouse

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7. More Moves, More Madness

Amal, or as the Street Madness crew has dubbed him “Amaldinho,” is a 13-year-old ground mover who brings some mad style to the street game. Along with Lekov, these young ballers are building a new generation of Russian talent.

6. Girl Power

Vilma Lundin gets major props for being able to land this combo at the age of 13. Something tells us this confident Swede is going places.

5. Meanwhile in Belgium …

Behind all the pressure of being a kid these days, it’s always important to stop and remember what makes kids, kids. The beauty and purity of the game comes from having fun, like these little ballers playing a game in socks with benches as goals. These are the good days!

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4. Yo Street Zone is the Future

Jacopo Pauli is a game changer in the making. Repping London’s Yo Street Zone, the young’in is putting up some of the craziest creative combos, and all this from someone who hasn’t hit 16. Oh, did I mention he’s only been practicing for nine months?


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3. Street Heroes: A Legend is Born

This list wouldn’t be complete without two-time Belgium panna champion Mehdi Amri. He’s got speed and impeccable execution. Simply put, this kid is gonna be one of the next big panna stars. Check him out doing five different megs. Flawless.

2. Brrr, That’s Cold

Ten-year-old Leonel is another insane talent from Sweden whose focus and precision is truly incredible. From his variations of double ATW’s to his sit-down skills, his freestyle work is clearly paying off.

1. Le Meilleur, Monsieur

Anas Boukami wins the top pick of the week. This 16-year-old Frenchman brings some serious skill with both freestyle and ground moves. He already took fourth place in the 1v1 French championships and will definitely have many more medals to go.

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