Tens Club’s ‘Gazzetta’ Capsule is Delightfully Meta and Straight to the Point

The latest release from Tens Club takes inspiration from the iconic Italian Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper and sets the record straight on what Tens Club actually is. Released today, the collection is available only through Tens Club’s newsletter. 

Just as you can count on the daily newspaper delivered to your front door, you can trust Tens Club to bring something fresh on every 10th of the month. April is no different, as the “Gazzetta” capsule cheekily plays on Tens Club’s newsletter-driven existence.

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In addition to functioning as a fashionable piece of clothing, the cutoff hoodie provides the answer to a question the Tens Club team has heard too many times — “What is Tens Club?”

“We really wanted to create a project that very explicitly stated that we are a newsletter,” said Tens Club captain Lucas Shanks. “We’ve answered the question, ‘What is Tens Club?’ so many times, and we’ve been characterized as an exclusive club, a streetwear brand, fashionistas, football hipsters, the list goes on. That’s all fine and not wrong, but at the end of the day Tens Club is a newsletter where you can access exclusive club info, content and — of course — creative apparel capsules.”

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The “Gazzetta” hoodie answers that existential question as bluntly as one possibly could, with “TENS CLUB IS A NEWSLETTER” emblazoned on the front.

As with all Tens Club releases, the “Gazzetta” capsule takes inspiration from retro football culture, with Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport being its muse. The Gazzetta’s legacy in covering both Serie A and global football as well as the aesthetic of its iconic pink pages made it an ideal source of inspiration for Tens Club.

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“We love the idea of footballers reading newspapers in the morning — be it to find their name on the scoresheet or in the tabloids,” Shanks said. “These days they’re more likely to be scrolling through social media, but the idea of a newspaper is so pure, and obviously Gazzetta dello Sport is one of the most iconic papers in the world. We were inspired by this photo of Francesco Totti peering into the paper’s pages, so we landed on a Roma maroon and light pink palette and Italian-inspired graphics.”

Besides the collection’s name and color scheme, nods to the iconic newspaper are seen in the photoshoot, which was taken at Brooklyn’s Maglia Rosa coffee/cycling shop that carries the Gazzetta. Along with the Gazzetta itself being present in the shoot, there is plenty of good coffee — because you can’t truly enjoy the newspaper without a smooth cup of joe.

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If you’re subscribed to the Tens Club newsletter, you can shop the entire Gazzetta collection from your email inbox. If you’re not subscribed yet, be sure to do so on the Tens Club website.

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