Take a Trip Around the World With the Top 10 Tekkers of the Week

The level of play around the world is exponentially increasing on a daily basis. Ballers from all over the globe are constantly landing new tricks and pushing through boundaries that were previously thought impossible. The sport is evolving constantly, and we have documented some of the best skills, tekkers, and tricks from the previous week. This week’s crop of ballers come from all over the world, are both old and young, and are all insanely talented. Enjoy!

10. Kicking it Off In France

At 20 years old, French freestyler Nicolas Corvest might not yet be a household name, but he is definitely an incredible low key talent. This video shows off his control with back heel juggles as well as his stalling ability. His back lowers are unreal! Keep an eye out for this Frenchman as his skills are only getting better.

9. A Taste of Sweden

Nothing gets people excited like a proper panna. Emil Jylhänlahti, a Swedish freestyler and street baller, has not only traveled the world with a ball, but has actually broken two world records. Last year, he impressed the world with the most back heel juggles in one minute. After a brilliant panna like this, I’m not sure whether it’s better to feel embarrassed or honored to be megged by a world recorder holder.

8. Some Raw German Freestyle

Don’t let his young age fool you — Lukas has been around for several years now, practicing freestyle with some of the biggest names out there. Perhaps we will see him at a Super Ball soon?

While he is already incredibly talented, the  German has plenty of room to grow, which is scary because he’s already making the PATW look as easy as cheese. Some of these kids who land this trick at such an early age definitely could have potential to be the first to land a 4 revolution ATW.

7. Must Be the Luck of the Irish

Next up is Ireland’s freestyle champion Conor Reynolds. It’s crazy to think that the best in the sport are all so young. At just 22, Reynolds has definitely become a solid competitor in the freestyle world.

In this video, Reynolds lands an effortless left-footed PATW during his trip to China. There aren’t enough emojis in the keyboard to emphasize how epic this is.

6. Holland’s New Age Ballers

Joran is no ordinary freestyler. This kid just might be Superman in disguise. The combo that he lands in this video is extremely complex and is definitely at an expert level. At such a young age, Jordan has made ATW variations his bread and butter.

5. Denmark’s Youth Champion

Ali Jassem, member of the notorious Copenhagen Pannahouse crew, is not someone you want to be across from in a panna cage. Just ask any opponent he’s ever had — he’ll embarrass you without any second thought. From mouse traps, to pannas, to elasticos, Ali has no limit to his abilities. It’s no wonder why he was crowned Youth Panna Champion in the 2016 CPH Invitationals.

4. The Rocky Shores of Vietnam

After winning back-to-back Vietnam freestyle titles in 2014 and 2015, Nguyen Ngoc Phat is still killing the game in beautiful places around the world. Here we see him in his home country on some rugged terrain on the water. As  you can tell by the clip, it takes an incredible amount of balance to control and stall the ball in these conditions.

3. Getting Hyped in London

Alright things are just getting ridiculous now. Alex Hyland-Cid is showing the world that London has a bright future ahead of itself in the freestyle game. Despite being just 14, he shows incredible control in his juggling and goes crazy after landing a heel to LATW! We don’t blame you Alex, we had a similar reaction just watching you do it.

2 clips from today’s class meet, including my first ever heel 2.5 rev ❤ #fslife #readingmeet

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2. Nothin’ Like Some Good Ol’ American Spirit

Last week, Mo Ali Heydarpour competed in the Tango League championship in the new Adidas Base LA. Even though UK held a victory over the American champs, Mo has continued to improve his skills through intense fitness and control training. He is currently touring with TurfMapp and producing some of the most technical videos for control and agility.

1. Mr. Choco From Venezuela

Choco is known as one of Venezuela’s greatest freestylers, and he won a National Title back in 2012. He makes uppers look so freaking easy. I mean, that ball has to be glued to his head or something, right? Or maybe he’s just got some incredible hair gel. Either way, even some of the greatest talents in the world are mesmerized when they see his uppers skills.

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