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The Grind Never Stops: A One-On-One Conversation with IT10’s Mo Ali

Making it as a professional athlete in any sport is no easy feat. What's so often glamorized in media is in truth a grueling...

IT10Soccer Goes Underground to Show Us Where Skills are Born

The Canadian duo known as IT10Soccer have come up with another dope video. This time around they took to the streets to remind us that "underground soccer" is the true...

Mo-Ali and Frankie Flo Hit Up NYC Chinatown

File under dream pop freestyle Chinatown. If there is such a subgenre, Mo-Ali from IT10 Soccer and Frankie Flo have accomplished it in this...

The Mario Götze Flick-Up, With a Lil Sum-Sum

Here's a freestyle variation on Mario Götze's original flick-up move with a twist — one of the guys from IT10Soccer starts off with the flick-up, then adds a back...


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