Street Football Cup: Puppy Edition

We’ve seen some amazing street footballers, but now it’s time to really turn up the heat with a countdown of some of the greatest canines in street ball from around the world! Fame, glory, and riches are always great incentives for players to push themselves harder, but nothing beats some good ol’ tomfoolery with man’s best friend. It’s the small things that make us happiest.

And now, the starting lineup of the best soccer dogs on the planet!

Young Husky Bear from Poland has both strength and speed, making him a perfect striker for the World Puppy Team.
Little German Dogshteiger is an agile and fearless player, with incredible vision, making him a solid midfielder.
One of the most trickiest ballers in the world, Foxxy employs his left paw to dominate in the midfield.
Known as Big Dog Jimmy, this American fullback (pictured left) is a keeper’s best friend and veritable wall of defense.
Swift Baller, also known as “puppy clown,” is one of the most entertaining players to watch with his cheeky attitude and skillful touch.
The meanest and arguably most intimidating baller in the game, Bruce is a powerhouse defender who will do whatever it takes to stop his opponents from scoring.
Manuel Doyer is hands down the world’s greatest keeper. He has over 100 clean sheets in the Canine Champion’s League.
Doggie Suarez is one of the most dynamic and quickest forwards of his generation, with a powerful header and killer shot that strikes fear in the hearts of goalies.
Pup Howard is an all-around pick when it comes to keepers. Always consistent, the goalie has been the understated key to many a team’s success.
Cristiano Dogaldo is widely known for his technical abilities and incredible footwork. Players beware, don’t trip when you try and defend him.

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