Ratcheton Joins the Urban Pitch Podcast

Discussing everything from his origins in the music industry to the need for more plus-sized soccer jerseys, music artist and friend of the show Ratcheton joins the latest episode of the Urban Pitch Podcast. 

With a diverse sound that comes from his eclectic taste in music, it’s hard to pigeonhole Ratcheton into one genre. From metal to cumbia to trap, the LA-based artist is versatile enough to do it all.

We’ve been lucky enough to have Ratcheton perform at several events we’ve put together, and the energy he brings to the stage is unmatched. From mosh pits to crowd surfing, you know it’s going to be a wild show when he’s performing.

We get some insight into how he’s able to consistently deliver such high-energy performances on the latest episode of the podcast, in addition to his unique journey in the music industry, how he reps hard for El Salvador, and what he’s got cooking in the future.

You can watch the entire podcast on YouTube, or listen to the audio on streaming services including Apple and Spotify.

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