LA Soccer Mainstays Brigitte Flores and Gilbert Bita Join the Urban Pitch Podcast

For the latest episode of the Urban Pitch podcast, our close friends Brigitte Flores and Gilbert Bita join us to discuss their soccer journeys, the LA soccer community, and the best jerseys in MLS. 

The soccer community in Los Angeles is filled with passionate individuals from all walks of life. Go to any pickup session or rec league match and you’ll find a diverse array of players with not only a love for the game, but also for the culture that surrounds it.

Two of these individuals include Brigitte Flores and Gilbert Bita. Anyone familiar with our UrbanFutsal LA community may recognize these two from The Base, or MadAve before it. Both Flores and Bita are emblematic of the greater LA soccer scene — Flores is an LA native who grew up playing in high school and competitive Sunday leagues, while Bita is a Kenyan immigrant with a strong street football pedigree, having played alongside all-time greats including Edward van Gils.

The two joined the Urban Pitch podcast to discuss their unique soccer journeys, their most embarrassing moments on the pitch, and the best jerseys in MLS, while having plenty of laughs along the way.

You can watch the entire podcast on YouTube, or listen to the audio on streaming services including Apple and Spotify.

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