All Hail the FA People’s Cup, Bringing 5v5 Football to the Masses

The FA People’s Cup is precisely what it sounds like: the “people’s” version of England’s annual Football Association (FA) Cup, albeit in 5v5 format. Now in its third edition, this year’s FA People’s Cup has boasted more than 40,000 players from some 6,000 teams across England, each squad vying for one of 96 precious spots at the finals in Birmingham on Sunday, April 30, and Monday, May 1.

If this sounds like a massive tournament, that’s because it is, well, massive. As the country’s largest five-a-side competition, the People’s Cup is notable for both its sheer numbers and ability to attract players of all stripes. Registration is free, and the tournament invites youth, women, men, and disability players to compete among 16 different categories, ranging in age groups and skill level, from U14 to the 50+ “Walking Football” division. In fact, you don’t even need a team, you can sign up as an individual and be placed on one.

The champions of each category will earn a trip to the Arsenal v. Chelsea FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium in late May, where winners will receive their People’s Cup trophies and bring home with them a well-deserved portion of universal football glory.

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