Fox News Wants to Learn About Futsal and Women’s Soccer

Fox 11 News recently featured UrbanFutsal LA and the ladies of LA Villa FC, one of the top adult women’s clubs in L.A., to discuss the Women’s World Cup, playing in co-ed leagues, and the growing popularity of futsal in Southern California.

It was a little unsettling to be in a live, unedited interview, and without having questions in advance, but Midday Sunday show host Tony Valdez has such a soothing voice it helps put you at ease. Overall, I think we did a pretty decent job representing small-sided football and our personal passion for the game.

Here’s a play-by-play for your viewing ease.

01:40 Intros.
02:00 What’s it like playing co-ed?
02:40 Do women like playing with guys?
03:25 How do guys fare against the ladies?
04:30 Does being a “pretty girl” factor into play?
05:15 Futsal basic rules.
07:10 Do players flop in futsal?
07:50 What is making futsal more popular in SoCal?
09:35 Impact of the U.S. Women’s World Cup victory.
09:50 Playing against Carli Lloyd in college.
10:55 U.S. fans booing the Women’s Chinese National Team.
11:10 The future of futsal.
11:40 Korean tacos!

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