Top 10 Street Football Skills From Last Year’s European Season to Get You Fired Up

Last season we were treated to some unbelievable tekkers displayed by the best in European football—Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Pogba, Quaresma—who proved that a big part of full field is born and inspired from the street. Whether it’s a baller capitalizing on an opportunity to confuse an opponent and open up space, or a player trying to escape high pressure, these fancy moves are full of high-level technique and creativity. To get you started for this year’s European leagues, we put together the top 10 “street” moves from last year to get you ready for another exciting season!

The Nutmeg


The Sombrerito Flick


The Rainbow Flick (Because ONE Neymar skill isn’t enough!)


Elastico/Flip Flap


The Rabona


Backheel Pass


The Cruyff Turn 


The Step Over


The Ronaldo Chop


The Roulette

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