The Urban Pitch Podcast: Will the 2026 World Cup Miss Los Angeles?

From the stalemate between Kronke Sports and Entertainment and FIFA to the first round of the MLS Cup Playoffs, the Urban Pitch Podcast crew discusses the latest happenings in the world of soccer on the latest epidsode!

After hosting the past three World Cup finals in the United States, Los Angeles could miss out on the tournament entirely when it returns in 2026. But what would happen if this actually comes to fruition, and what would it mean to have a World Cup final in a city other than LA?

The UP Podcast crew gets into the thick of the battle for Los Angeles, in addition to the MLS Cup Playoffs and the apparent end of Chicharito’s time with the LA Galaxy in the latest episode.

You can watch the entire podcast on YouTube, or listen to the audio on streaming services including Apple and Spotify.

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