The Urban Pitch Podcast: New Year, New Drama

In the first Urban Pitch Podcast episode of the new year, the crew gets into the latest happenings across the soccer-verse, including LAFC’s newest big signing Hugo Lloris, the massive offseason from Gotham FC, and the drama between U.S. Soccer and MLS.

For many, a new year represents a fresh start — a chance to take on healthier habits, set goals, and tackle new projects, only to give up on most of them by March. The soccer world is a bit different.

It doesn’t recognize any form of calendar, and scoffs at the idea of a resolution. The soccer world moves indefinitely, with its endless swirls of chaos and drama.

This is great news for those with podcasts, as we have an endless amount of topics and fodder to discuss. In the first Urban Pitch Podcast of 2024, we tackle some hard-hitting ones — including LAFC’s new signing, Gotham FC’s super team assembly, and the push-and-pull battle between U.S. Soccer and MLS.

You can watch the entire podcast on YouTube, or listen to the audio on streaming services including Apple and Spotify.

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