Storelli Enlists Champions League Pros for Football Fight Club

In what may be the most elaborate shinguard commercial to date, the Brooklyn-based merchandiser Storelli, which specializes in protective soccer gear, sent two high-profile footballers into the dark, seedy underworld of basement soccer. Football fight club. In a basement. With protective headbands.

You need protection. You need … shiny shinguards.

Guiding us through the night is Chelsea midfielder and beloved Brazilian, Oscar, who explains the rules of football fight club: learn to survive, avoid a tackle, and protect yourself. In the ad, we see players repeatedly sliding in shinguards and jumping for headers in padded head gear. We also see legendary Porto keeper Iker Casillas defend his concrete goal amidst a sea of men and women in sleek, protective gear. Storelli’s take is the smarter, innovation-and-gear-friendly version of fight club, one that gives players the physical tools to sustain their bodies longer.

Storelli Gear
Storelli specializes in protective gear for the active footballer.

While we really don’t see very much physical play in the commercial (let’s be real, the timid shoulder-to-shoulders and taps on the shin are nothing compared to a street ball game) the relatively new company has smartly positioned itself as “your secret weapon” by helping players ward off injury and stay stronger in the game. Which explains why everyone in their ad looks like they’re part of a rogue secret service agency.

What do you think of “The Dark Side of the Beautiful Game”?

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