Nike Street Football Training Drill: Speed Alley

Speed Alley drill.
Speed Alley drill for Nike SCCRX.

The Speed Alley is a street football take on the ancient “running the lines” drill that tennis and basketball coaches often make high school teams do during practice. The difference in this Nike SCCRX version is that it adds the element of dribbling into the exercise. It’s a good concept that will help a player work on his/her agility and touch. The only flaw is that it doesn’t have the players dribbling back to the starting point except at the very end. The final leg is the only time when a controlled dribble isn’t necessary and players may attempt to push the ball farther ahead in an effort to win. Recalling that my old high school coach would usually punish the person who came in last place with extra laps, I can see how this element can create a chaotic finish resulting in an out-of-control end to the drill.

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