Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the Footballer in Your Life

With just a few days left until Christmas, you may be like me and still have most (if not all) of your Christmas shopping left to do. Not to worry though, while Urban Pitch can’t help you with every person on your list, we can help you find the perfect gift for that special baller in your life. Now, maybe the footballer you know has everything football related that they need. If so, you might want to have a look at a site like so that you can send them over the moon without even mentioning a ball. However, if you know that they’re set on a football gift, here’s our list of ideas:

7. Portable Soccer Goals

How many times have you jumped into a soccer game on the fly or met up with friends to play pickup and resorted to using jackets, cones, and other random items as goal posts? Portable or pop-up soccer goals can make organizing an impromptu game easier and more enjoyable. Buying them is a cinch online and you can find them at most sporting goods stores for $30 to $50. Weighted portable goals, such as Infinity’s square weighted goals, cost more but won’t get blown or kicked away as easily. You can find these goals for $130 at Niky’s Sports.

6. Soccer Ball Carrier

Once on a flight to Tokyo, I realized the true dilemmas of carrying a loose soccer ball. It wouldn’t fit in my luggage, made my carry-on bag too big, and I wasn’t allowed to let it sit freely in the overhead storage space. I ended up holding it in my lap and carrying it throughout the airport. Needless to say, if I had a ball carrier, traveling would have been much simpler. Carriers are very common among freestylers—Urban Pitch’s Resident Pro, Caitlyn Schrepfer, uses the Kei-Craft soccer carrier, and there are dozens of carriers that are sturdy and easy to use. Prices for ball carriers range from $10 to $30 and can be found on Amazon and eBay. While it may seem like a small gift, it makes a big difference whether you’re boarding an international flight or just driving to your local park.

5. Boots

When you find the right pair of football shoes, you take care of them like they’re your precious baby. But sooner or later, every pair of boots wears out. When that happens, a new pair can be the perfect gift to brighten the day and help a baller move on. And with the ever-growing world of street football, futsal, and freestyle, your soccer fan might need multiple shoes for different surfaces. Adidas has a large collection of cleats, turf, and indoor shoes ranging in price from $70 to $300. A comfortable pair of sneakers (roughly $40 to $60) for before and after games is always handy, and for a special treat, check out these street football boots.

4. Sweater/Hoodie

Soccer is a year-round activity, and even in Southern California, it can get chilly during the winter months. A personalized sweater or hoodie can be the perfect addition to a freestyler’s collection (especially if they’re always traveling), while a water-resistant sweater is great for ballers who practice in rainy climates. Team hoodies is an easy choice for super fans who like to rep their club on their sleeves. While there are endless places you can purchase hoodies online, we recommend supporting your local soccer shop where you’ll find a variety of sweaters, jackets, hoodies, and pullovers ranging from $20 to $200.

3. Personalized Goodie Bag

One of my favorite things about the football community is how every player is unique. We may share some common interests, but the way we express ourselves, how we play, and what we like can be vastly different. A great gift for that football lover in your life doesn’t have to be big or expensive. Buying a handful of small, useful items can be a great gesture that goes a long way. For $10 to $20, you can fill a goodie bag full of hair ties, colorful pre-wrap, chapstick, muscle rubs, socks, and more. Taking the time to create a personalized soccer goodie bag makes for a very meaningful gift.

2. Headphones

Listening to music before a game is one of my favorite things to do. Before a match or pickup session, it’s not uncommon to see players getting themselves pumped up or simply in the mood to ball with some earbuds in their ears. Finding a good pair of affordable headphones that are durable and sound great is easier said than done. UrbanEars’ Reimers Trail headphones are a personal favorite and only $40. They are strong—no accidentally tearing them when you’re pulling them out of your bag—and have a reflective cord, which makes them easier to find when searching through your bag. The earbuds are specifically made to stay in place even during intense movement, so warming up with them on is also an option.

1. Smart Ball

Now, a soccer ball might seem like an obvious choice. It may even seem like too easy of a gift, but if you really want to splurge, the Adidas miCoach Smart Ball is anything but ordinary. Priced at $200, the miCoach Smart Ball collects data when you kick it and sends the information to your phone. Through the app, you can see how effectively you’re striking the ball, and receive tips on how to improve your accuracy, speed, and strength. There are even challenges and activities to help you improve your kick. Hey, we’d want that from Santa Claus!

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