Five Times the Refs Absolutely Blew It

Referees have the hardest job in the world. When they do their job right, no one congratulates them. When they make one mistake, they are subject to the wrath of infuriated players, or in rare cases, violence. That doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to criticize some of the more ridiculous moments and missed calls. We’ve done exactly that, and compiled five of some recent blown calls — some of which completely changed the game’s outcome — that have made both fans’ and players’ blood pressures boil.

There is nothing quite like taking out all of your angst and disappointment with your team on the referees. Your favorite team only had three shots on goal? They should’ve had more if the refs weren’t so terrible. They lost because they only had possession 30 percent of the time? Nope, they lost because refs don’t know what the term offside means.

When it comes down to it, you can always blame the referees for something. We don’t intend to take it easy on them, because after all, they knew what they were signing up for. Here are five absolutely egregious missed calls that have likely led to smashed TVs, broken furniture, and even possibly tears.

 5. Almost Ruined Everything

In its Knockout Round match in the MLS Playoffs, the Columbus Crew were victims of a dubious offside call that erased a goal that would have put them in the lead. Upon further review, it appears as if Pedro Santos was not offside, and the goal from Ola Kamara should have indeed counted. However, the call did not completely change the Crew’s fortune, as they were able to defeat Atlanta United 3-1 in penalty kicks.

4. Game Over?

In Mexico’s Liga MX, a closely-fought match between Toluca and Morelia came down to a penalty shot in extra time. Toluca’s Pablo Barrientos lined up for the kick, only to have his shot saved by goal keeper Sebastian Sosa.

However, the rebound bounced right back to Barrientos, who fired what every Toluca fan thought should have been the game-tying goal. The referee had other ideas. The second Barrientos’ shot hit the keeper’s hands, full time was called and Morelia came out with the victory. Thanks a lot ref.

3. Double the Heartbreak

Sydney FC had its temper put to the test in its A-League match against Wellington. The game featured not just one but two controversial calls that went against Sydney. A video review awarding Wellington with a penalty kick followed by a questionable non-call minutes later had Sydney fans and players alike lashing out in frustration.

2. Hand Ball? Nah.

What a tough game for Tottenham. Two missed handball mistakes and an easy trip from behind that could have resulted in multiple penalties? Nothing more to say besides this ref straight up ruined the game and cost the Hotspurs a potential victory.

1. Ankle Breaker

Wait what? This ref seriously stepped on Camarasa’s ankle and allowed to play to continue? You’ve got to be kidding me ref, watch where you’re going!

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