The Urban Pitch Podcast: ‘Next Goal Wins’ and Our Favorite Soccer Movies

On the latest episode of the Urban Pitch Podcast, the crew discusses the best soccer movies, the NBA’s soccer-inspired in-season tournament, and the latest controversial comments from Megan Rapinoe. 

While there have certainly been a litany of sports movies over the years, an alarmingly few of them have been focused on soccer. With some exceptions, Hollywood has largely ignored the beautiful game and world’s most popular sport. However, ‘Next Goal Wins,’ directed by Taika Waititi, made its theatrical release last week, and that got us thinking, what are some of our favorite films centered around soccer?

In addition, the UP Podcast crew discusses the footy-inspired NBA in-season tournament and what other elements from soccer the league can implement, a look ahead to the MLS Cup Playoffs, and more controversy surrounding Megan Rapinoe.

You can watch the entire podcast on YouTube, or listen to the audio on streaming services including Apple and Spotify.

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