The Give N Go’s Reynoso and Soltero Join the Urban Pitch Podcast

One of the top football podcasts in the game, we’ve been fans of The Give N Go for some time. Co-hosts Reynoso and Soltero join the show to discuss their origins and rise to prominence, Messi’s takeover in the United States, and why Christian Pulisic is the USMNT GOAT. 

What makes a good podcast? Sure, proper lighting, quality audio, and hot takes may be the go-to formula for many shows, but all truly great pods have one thing in common: chemistry.

It’s why we love The Give N Go Podcast so much. Besides their in-depth analysis, surprisingly wide breadth of footy coverage, and yes, sizzling hot takes, co-hosts Reynoso and Soltero have a back-and-forth repartee that can only have been built up over years. So it’s no surprise that the two go back to their childhood days of playing and discussing football, so much so that they figured that they had the chops to go out and produce their own show.

And it’s worked. Since The Give N Go debuted in 2021, it has generated a sizable audience, especially after the 2022 World Cup coverage. Reynoso and Soltero’s natural chemistry is bolstered by a tireless work ethic to become as knowledgable in all things footy as possible, and the results speak for themselves.

When they were out in LA on a recent trip, we had to get them on the podcast to discuss how they started, their growth, and some signature spicy takes along the way.

You can watch the entire podcast on YouTube, or listen to the audio on streaming services including Apple and Spotify.

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