The Best Dressed Footballers from London Clubs

Known as one of the fashion capitals of the world, London is home to some of the most stylish people alive. This of course includes footballers, who have increasingly stepped up their sartorial attributes — the days of throwing on a few designer brands and calling it a day are slowly dying. With London Fashion Week approaching, we take a look at some of the best-dressed footballers on London-based clubs.

London Fashion Week is upon us, and in between all the fashion influencers and high-end models, we’ll most likely see quite a prominent football presence throughout the week. The game and fashion are synonymous and have been for years. From the casual era of the ’80s to the streetwear-focused fusion, the two come hand in hand, no matter how much a certain demographic denies it.

As an ode to the Big Smoke, the UK’s capital, I’ve picked out a list of the best-dressed footballers from London clubs, some of which you’ll probably see runway side. And no, Hector Bellerin is not on this list, sadly.

Son Heung-Min, Tottenham

son heung min tottenham burberry

A superstar on the pitch, for sure. But South Korean sensation Son Heung-Min is most definitely one off the pitch, too. This is evident in Burberry signing him as one of their ambassadors. Son has style, there’s no denying it, and he’s snapped up a well-deserved place on this list. Expect to see him stunting his style at LFW soon.

William Saliba, Arsenal

william saliba fashion

He’s probably not a typical one you’d expect to see on a best-dressed Premier League footballers list, but William Saliba is bringing the heat when it comes to his streetwear style. Yeah, some of his approach is simple, but he does that best. The French defender knows the secret to executing a subtle fit, which is almost always more difficult than pulling off a wild and ostentatious look.

James Maddison, Tottenham

james maddison fashion

First off: no one copy his fits or we’ll have another Maupay fiasco on our hands. What Tottenham baller James Maddison does with his style is interesting, and is probably more of an acquired taste than the previous two. But he’s creative with it, clearly leaning on a passion for dressing well. He’s even launched his own collection with fast fashion staple boohooMAN.

Trevoh Chalobah, Chelsea

trevor chalobah fashion

When it comes to overall elegance and taste, few are on Trevoh Chalobah’s level. He clearly takes his fashion seriously, and pulls off some fits that only he could. Well, I certainly couldn’t at least. From Raf Simons to special edition Air Force 1s, Chalobah is living the streetwear high life and thriving in it. I imagine he’s on a lot of people’s fashion mood boards.

Marc Cucurella, Chelsea

marc cucurella

If I clicked on an article looking at the best-dressed footballers in the world, Marc Cucurella would probably be one of the last names I’d expect to come across. But with hair like his and a simple yet stylish approach to his outfits, he’s doing it well and deserves his place. After all, we can’t just give you the same recycled list of names that you’ve seen throughout Instagram, right?

Bukayo Saka, Arsenal

bukayo saka fashion

When you get a spot on the cover of GQ, you must be doing something right. Arsenal winger and London native Bukayo Saka is a golden boy on the pitch, and he also has a backlog of outfits worthy of that title off it, too. Louis Vuitton and Burberry tailoring, and an Aime Leon Dore campaign? Saka is living it up big time when it comes to his style.

Reiss Nelson, Arsenal

reiss nelson fashion

Part of Hector Bellerin’s vast tree of influence, Reiss Nelson has been known to get a fit or two off in the UK capital. Like his teammate Saka, Nelson’s fashion sense has landed him in multiple magazine photoshoots, and he can pull off anything from simple, classy looks to garish pops of color. The London native has also influenced a decent amount of footballers by his own right, and has made a name for himself as one of the drippiest in the game.

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