The Year in Review: The 10 Best Boots of 2023

Boot nerds rejoice! As we wrap up the year, we take a look back at some of the best football footwear released in 2023. 

This time of year is where you’ll find people reflecting on some of their favorite moments from the past 12 months. Being the purveyors of football culture that we are, naturally our conversations will surround the beautiful game. We start our year in review by looking at 10 of our favorite football boots that dropped in 2023.

10. Nike Phantom Thunder

nike phantom thunder

You probably think a bright purple boot with lightning bolts on it wouldn’t be anywhere near a top 10 list, but here we are. I’ve been suckered in by the stunning soleplate on these boots, which is why they creep in at number 10. Without that, these aren’t anything spectacular. Throw in that interesting circular stud pattern and the usual tech that they’re equipped with, and it’s a good start to the list.

9. adidas X Crazyfast Bugatti

adidas x crazyfast bugatti

I’m not a crypto guy, nor will I ever be. I’m not interested. But when something innovative and unique happens, you’ve got to take notice. While this edition of the adidas X Crazyfast isn’t a groundbreaking design, the fact that the limited number run of 99 pairs was revealed using Web3 gives it a deserving place on the list. The boots were auctioned off and paired with an NFT if you’re that way inclined.

8. Diadora Brasil Grafia

diadora brasil

Now that all the lightning and new world digital stuff is out of the way, we’re moving on to Diadora and its commitment to bringing us fantastic renditions of its silos. This one was a highlight of the year, as it paid homage to the brand’s influence in the sneaker game, but also its dedication to bringing the strengths of the women’s game to the forefront of people’s minds.

7. adidas 11pro Blackout

adidas 11pro blackout

I hear you. “Nostalgia merchant!” But, when adidas brought back the 11pro and released a blackout version, it’s hard not to sit up in your office chair and listen. Toni Kroos kept the pulse going on this iconic silo, and with its official return this year (albeit with a modern twist), the Three Stripes dropped a limited run of this black edition. I tried to avoid blackout boots, but I just had to include this here.

6. adidas X Crazyfast Son Hueng-Min

heung min son addias boots

2023 was the year that Son Hueng-Min got his signature boot from adidas, and it was a good one. It was his very own version of the adidas X Crazyfast with a South Korean twist. The bright colors are inspired by the vibrant South Korean city life, and the Korean wordmark is a wonderful touch.

5. Nike Premier III GreenSpeed

nike premier iii greenspeed

If you’re a bit of a nerd (like me), you’ll remember the iconic Nike GreenSpeed boots from when Neymar used to wear the strip on his nose and had that wild (but legendary) haircut. Nike brought that colorway back on its Premier III boot and just like in 2012, it works marvelously. If you love a classic build with a hint of nostalgia, then these are your bag.

4. Pantofola D’Oro The Classic Black and White

pantofola oro classic

pantofola doro classic white

“But you said you were trying to avoid blackout boots?!” Yep, I was. But here we are, with another one. And for bonus points, a whiteout too. If you’re a bit of a purist, then these boots are going to be right up your street. Straight to the point: black boot and white boot. And the gold stamp graphic tops it off nicely.

3. Nike Luminous Pack

nike luminous pack

I’m a traditionalist. I like romance in football. So, a luminous pack may not normally float my boat. But these struck a chord. Yeah, I might be trying to be as unbiased as I can and deliver a list everyone will resonate with but, they deserve to be in here. Tech monsters, lovely design, and a striking colorway. It’s what Nike does best.

2. Lotto 50th Anniversary Stadio

lotto 50th anniversary boot

This boot probably feels hard done by finishing in second place, to be honest. It’s a truly beautiful boot, celebrating Italian brand Lotto’s 50th anniversary. When celebrating a birthday, you can only go with gold. Combine that with black and a little Italian flag and you’re onto something. Who do I have to sweet talk to get a pair for five-a-side?

1. adidas The Predator 30

adidas predator 30

Lotto’s 50th-anniversary boot was nailed on for the top spot until Jude Bellingham wore these and transported us back to the Zinedine Zidane days. Thirty years on from the classic Predator’s debut, adidas have released this new edition to celebrate the anniversary of the most revolutionary boot of all time. Just look at that fold-over tongue, it’s special. Nostalgia does sell…

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