La Piel de Newell’s: A Look Behind a Fantastic Tribute to Newell’s Old Boys

An Instagram account dedicated to archiving and memorializing Newell’s Old Boys kits, we speak with La Piel de Newell’s creator Agustín Jesús to dive into his increasingly popular and detailed account.

While we can all appreciate football kits for their aesthetic value, there is more to these shirts beyond the surface. True kit fanatics will look at a particular jersey and see the nostalgic memories, unforgettable moments, and iconic players connected to it — which give more depth and meaning to the shirt beyond design elements.

Some dedicated fans have even gone as far to collect and archive kits from their favorite team, creating a massive trove of shirts that may look similar, but with each one having its own unique backstory and significance.

la piel de newells

la piel de newells

Agustín Jesús has done just that with kits from Newell’s Old Boys, and he has shared his passion and collection via his La Piel de Newell’s Instagram account. We sat down with the Newell’s superfan to discuss his love for his team, how he started his account, and why archiving shirts from one team is an important task to take on.

Urban Pitch: You have such a detailed account dedicated to Newell’s kits. Can you tell us how it all started?

Agustín Jesús: It all began back in 2022 when I scoured Instagram for a page dedicated to showcasing high-quality photos of Newell’s shirts. My intention was to find an account where I could find everything in one place: the shirt’s details (every single one of them), the history behind them, information of which player used each shirt, etcetera.

And as I didn’t find anything like that, I decided to start my own meticulous account, in order to offer this unique way to show what I had in mind.

That was the moment when La Piel de Newell’s was born, and through a blend of unique landscapes, individuals, music, and many more details, I started to infuse my personal style into each post.

From capturing the photographs to editing them, all sporting my own collection of shirts, La Piel de Newell’s stands as a testament to my passion for Newell’s Old Boys apparel.

la piel de newells

la piel de newells

Why Newell’s Old Boys?

Newell’s Old Boys holds a special place in my heart from my childhood, as it is the club that has been ingrained in my family for two generations. It first started with my grandfather. And my dad began taking me to the stadium just a few months after I was born, so I’ve been a devoted follower ever since.

Today, I carry on this tradition by passing on my passion to the new generation. Whenever possible, I bring my 5- and 3-year-old nephews to the stadium to experience the thrill of the games firsthand.

I’m doing the same thing the older ones did with me: I teach them the chants, deck them out in Newell’s shirts, and instill in them the same love for our beloved club.

This connection runs deep because some of the greatest players in the history of world football have graced our team, starting with Diego Maradona years ago, and including nowadays the one and only Lionel Messi.

Countless others who have left their mark on top-level clubs worldwide could be also mentioned.

What makes this club so special?

Mainly its people, who are very passionate. We always support the team, in the good times and in the bad times.

Also, there’s a unique sense of belonging among us. Not only the fans, but also players from the club who had demonstrated their loyalty returning to the place where they were born, while they were playing in the best leagues around the world and earning tons of money.

Take Maxi Rodriguez as an example, who made the heartfelt decision to come back in 2012 and play for Newell’s again, when he was still in his prime. It was a showcase of profound dedication that transcends financial gains. 

Do you have a favorite kit? Which other accounts do you follow for inspiration?

My favorite is the home shirt from the 2002-03 season, which was given to me for my 9th birthday. I automatically fell in love with that shirt because it had a very innovative design for that time. The designers incorporated the color gray in addition to the main colors of the club: red and black. I still find it very aesthetic!

And the account that inspired me the most, was Todo Sobre Camisetas, since it talks exclusively about shirts in a very special way, giving lot of information behind each jersey.

However, as I said before, I like adding my own artistic style in addition to the written information of the shirt itself.

Let’s transition into your collection. How many shirts do you you own?

I have more than 150 original Newell’s Old Boys jerseys, some used in official matches.

Is there a shirt that you have always wanted, but never been able to get?

For us, collectors, there are always pending shirts to get.

In my case, the one I’d really love to get was used in August 2005 in very few games. What it makes it particularly special is that it has no sponsor. This is not common at all to see among Argentinian football clubs. In this case, this happened because it was the shirt Newell’s used during the transition of two different sponsors.

la piel de newells

la piel de newells

la piel de newells

What does a football shirt represent to you?

A soccer jersey for me represents identity, history, and passion. They are memories for different times of my life.

They remind me of beautiful moments that are in my head, shared with my family and my friends. I can remember the goals scored, and the the hugs that came after. All that makes me smile every time I take a moment to appreciate my shirts.

That’s why I try to dedicate a time per day to them, it makes me feel good.

la piel de newells

la piel de newells

Where would you like to see your work in the future?

I wish my account to continue growing to the point that it reaches every corner of the world, so that more and more people know our glorious Newell’s Old Boys.

I would really love also, to work and contribute for the club, designing the best shirts and having the opportunity to listen to the fans’ recommendations. Being able to create the best and most memorable kits, with which our players would defend our shield in each official match.

Additionally, in a shorter term, I would also like to get an opportunity to do the same thing I’m doing with La Piel de Newell’s, but for the club’s official account. This is something I really aspire to reach.

And finally, why not, getting an offer from abroad. This would be a challenge I’m really willing to take in the near future.

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