Freestyle Champ Marvin Rodriguez Demos His Backflip Catch

Marvin Rodriguez is part of Mexico’s Kskrita wrecking crew that has been straight bulldozing the freestyle scene lately. Rodriguez nearly swept last year’s SISM, Mexico, and North American Freestyle championships by going 1-1-2 like it was nada. His runner-up finish to fellow Kskrita member Gio was one of the most skilled finals we’ve seen yet.

The “Backflip Catch” is among Rodriguez’s key moves. It not only gets the audience hyped up, but also helped the freestyler defeat Esteban “El Pantera” Hernandez in the Mexican National Final. We especially like how Rodriguez explains the trick as if he’s instructing us on how to put together an Ikea table when it’s closer to building a skyscraper. Even more impressive is the support, national pride, and humility coming out of this talented ensemble.

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