End the Week in Style With a New Edition of Top 10 Tekkers

The weekend is upon us, and that can only mean one thing — a fresh batch of the sickest tekkers from the previous week. As we make our way into the late stages of the year, we are getting closer to some of the biggest tournaments and competitions in the world, which means that everyone is continuing to up their game in anticipation.

The first week of August has brought some memorable talent from around the world, with ballers of all ages showing off their skills. From sweet futsal goals, to insane freestyle combos, to everyone’s favorite — the panna — enjoy some of the finest skills, moves, and tekkers from this week so far.

10. Some Raw Futsal

Kicking things off is futsal player Rodrigo Camargo, with a nice clip of his goals against Vasagey Oita in the F.League, Japan’s top league for futsal. Whether it’s his technique, passing, or finishing, there’s no doubting Camargo’s game.

9. Stall City

Neeraj Chawla is becoming a big influence within India’s freestyle community. While performing in the DLF CyberHub, India’s No. 1 freestyler put out a great show for all that attended, including his freestyle students. From each stall to the next, Chawla shows that, just like dance, freestyling is about style and rhythm.

8. Panna Time

It’s great to see youngsters that have a developed technique. Known as Yahya, this 16-year-old baller is a dual threat who freestyles while also having some killer ground moves. He displays his skill in both realms with this sneaky panna. Yahya can be seen practicing a lot at Adidas’ The Base Berlin, and it definitely shows in this clip.

7. From Sun to Moon

Speaking of The Base Berlin, Kad 82, one of Berlin’s slickest street ballers, comes in next on our list. While you can claim to being intimidated by his intense beard, with his skills, he could probably panna you while shaving. Check out these three filthy pannas in which his opponents stand no chance.

6. Rooftop Flow

Bored in Indonesia and looking for something to do? Get with the program and find a rooftop to practice your ground move flow! Widha Nurrahmawanto is definitely an undiscovered talent that keeps it street. The way he moves his body and flows with the motion proves that he has incredible control and feel for the ball.

5. Believe in the Flow

The caption reads, “Almost decent flow.” As much as we like a little humility, this is a little better than almost decent. Kaid Fraser is extremely agile and has impeccable control with the ball. This original combo incorporates an elastico, three ATWs, and a solid akka to finish things off. Too clean.

Almost decent flow #groundmoves #basic #akka

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4. Triples Club

In the football freestyle world, joining the 3-rev club is a big accomplishment. Mohannad Hosam is a 17-year-old freestyler from Cairo, Egypt that placed first in the World Freestyle Day competition back in 2016. I’m not sure what’s more dope — his flow, fro or his Skala ATW. Either way, welcome to the triples club.

My second 3 REV!?? Spent 4 days training it and finally got it on camera yesterday! i dedicate this to @kaliliofs !

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3. Fresh Lowers from Spain

Adrian Nieto is one of Spain’s premier freestylers, and he shows it with some strong lowers in this short clip. Alternate Lemmens ATW? No problem for Adrian. As a bonus, peep the hijinks that ensue in the background. Kids, always respect your elders.

2. Hair Game On Point

Noah Kofi, a 14-year-old phenom with some awesome flow on his head to match with the flow of his ground moves, shows us why Pannahouse Kids have some of the best up-and-coming street players in the world. Watching him is extremely fun, since he brings that extra swag in his style by using his body to fake direction and lean into his movements. That hocus pocus to end the combo was too smooth.

1. Lowers Master

Daishi is from another planet! Every single touch he has on the ball is consistently on point, which creates perfect timing in his tricks. He lands triple combinations with ease and precision. At just 18 years of age, he has already performed against freestyle greats like Yo Katsuyama. Japan is definitely a hotspot for some of the greatest freestylers in the world.

BONUS: Technique is Never Lost

Anyone that says they’re too old to ball is making too many excuses for themselves. While your technique can get rusty over time, if you stick with it, it will stick with you. Leave it to this juggling grandpa to put everyone in their place. In slippers no less!

Juggling grandpa ! @zhangtingban1000 ・・・ respect! #allyouneedisaball

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