Busking and the Reliable Olympic Star

In an Olympics that has admittedly had its fair share of downs, there is one trusty, enduring source for attendees hoping to enjoy not only the competitive games but also the art of performance and sport. And where can we turn to when that art may be otherwise lacking? The locals!

Busking has long been a tradition of street artisans, now out in full force for the influx of tourists in Rio, and nearly all freestylers have performed at one time or another for the public as a way to hone their skills and earn a little cash. Rio is no exception and when it comes to soccer performers, Brazil draws from its rich football culture that is perhaps unparalleled by any other country.

It’s comforting then that while the host’s national team may have seen better days, the spirit of Joga Bonito lives on, the reliable star of these Olympic games.

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