These are the Breaks: Max Meyer’s B-Boy-Inspired Freestyler’s Playlist

Through his infallible work ethic and attention to detail, 11-year freestyle veteran Max Meyer has not only cemented himself as one of the top freestylers in Germany, but in the world. His talents have led to him performing across the globe from the United Arab Emirates to Australia, amazing audiences with his technical prowess.

The 26-year-old German native has been fully professional for three years now, and his career highlights include performing in Germany’s iconic Allianz Arena — a long way from his start practicing moves that he saw in YouTube videos.

Of course, Meyer could not have undergone this vast improvement without practice. His intense, fast-paced training sessions are fueled by the hypnotic rhythms of instrumental breakbeats.

“I love freestyling to breakbeats the most because it is music you could actually dance to,” Meyer said. “I could never train to that crappy dubstep music everyone puts into their Instagram clips — even though I’m guilty of this myself — because it isn’t rhythmic.”

The connection between break dancing and freestyle is well-documented, with some even regularly incorporating dance moves into their routines. While Meyer doesn’t fall into this category, he is still inspired by B-Boy flows that tend to be more fluent and longer than traditional freestyle routines.

“I was never known for incorporating dance moves into my freestyle and I still don’t, but I enjoy that breakbeats make you keep going even after the initial combo is finished,” Meyer said. “Even if I drop the ball the beat makes me keep on going and fully exhaust myself to finish a solid 30 to 60-second set. This is why I still can not understand the choice of music in Super Ball. How are the freestylers supposed to make fluent sets of tricks to such unrhythmic music?”

Instead of a typical Freestyler’s Playlist with a bevy of different songs, Meyer uses a continuous 40-minute B-Boy mix from DJ Fleg, further enforcing that “don’t stop ’til you drop” mentality shared by countless break dancers.

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