L.A. Ballers vs. Edward van Gils Is an Insane Showcase of Skill That Will Make You Weep

The West Side was recently graced by a visit from one of the original legends in the game, the Street King himself, Edward van Gils! The pioneer of street soccer dropped into UrbanFutsal LA during one of his recent trips to the U.S. where he took meetings with Nike and conducted some of his elite youth clinics, all while taking down ballers left and right. In this video, van Gils faces L.A.’s very own Bola crew in a showing that can only be described as a non-stop symphony of insane skill. It’s so beautiful, you almost wanna cry.

You’ll also spot major up-and-comer Kristoffer Liicht in the video, who made a quick pit stop en route to judge the American Panna and Freestyle Tournament. Liicht is the founder of Copenhagen Panna House and has been making his presence known with his mastery of panna and freestyle.

Also featured, Codak Smith on graffiti art refresh (he also does tattoos in addition to artwork) and the track “Doctor” by Flawless Real Talk, originally from Rhode Island who performed on location during TeamBackPack’s biggest annual event, Mission Underground Los Angeles (MULA).

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