Joltter Drops by for Pickup and Schools L.A.

If you’re a true baller in L.A., it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ve dropped by our UrbanFutsal LA facility to catch a pickup game or attend one of our live events where we feature the best of urban artists and athletes. Hey, even LA Galaxy agrees. Like a rite of passage, we’ve hosted all types of ballers including professional dancers, street kings, and soccer legends and pride ourselves on being the “West Coast Rucker Park” of street football. On this night, Joltter was in town and made it a point to come by and test the local talent.

I have to admit, I wasn’t sure what his skill level would be IRL. Most of the videos I’d seen of him consisted of freestyle tricks and free kicks. Now don’t get me wrong, the guy has definitely got some moves, but being able to freestyle and hit crazy knuckleballs doesn’t necessarily mean you can ball.

Make the ball happy ⚽️? Picture taken in Madeira by @salahbration ?

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Word of his impending arrival to L.A. spread quickly and a large mix of curious fans, regulars, and street ballers all showed up to UrbanFutsal LA to see if he measured up to the hype.

You know how with the right editing almost anyone can look better than reality on a YouTube video? Well, that is NOT the case with Joltter. He is one serious Finnish baller, shot caller. In one sequence, he steals the ball, nutmegs the defender, does a Zidane 360 on another defender, and then scores a goal … all in a span of about three seconds.

Watch the action for yourself (check out UrbanFutsal LA at 5:30).