Earn a Spot on the Ronaldinho Globe Street Team Through the Nike Phantom Precision Challenge!

Arguably the most prestigious street crew in the world, the Ronaldinho Globe Street Team is opening a roster spot for a select baller through the Nike Phantom Precision Challenge in collaboration with Intersport. Do you have what it takes to make the squad?

To celebrate the launch of Nike’s latest PhantomVSN boot model, street football legends Edward van Gils and Rocky Hehakaija have teamed up with Intersport to launch the Nike Phantom Precision Challenge.

At face value, the challenge seems simple enough: test your touch by receiving the ball on your instep, show off your control by dribbling through a series of obstacles, and finally, use your finishing skills to hit a target of your choice (the smaller the better). However, in addition to touch, control, and finishing, the challenge puts your creativity to the test, as you have the freedom to use anything in your surroundings to complete it.

Rocky and Edward have already uploaded their iterations of the challenge, which set the bar pretty high if you ask us.

If you’re thinking about entering the contest, you’d better bring your A-game, because a select amount of the top entries will be invited to the King Dome — the home of van Gils’ renowned Street Kings crew — to compete for a spot on the Ronaldinho Globe Street Team.

“This competition is recognition for the streets,” Hehakaija said. “This is where it all begins — where the crossover to the pitch is made. I’m super honored to feature in this project together with Edward, we go way back. As a female footballer it is super cool to see that Nike is finally focussing on women.”

The competition will run until September 23, so you’d better sharpen up those skills and get your creative juices flowing!

Do you think you have what it takes to enter the contest? Upload your video on Instagram, tag Intersport and use the #AwakenThePhantom hashtag to enter! 

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