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The best of street football videos, tips & tricks, freestyle videos, soccer highlight reels and soccer player interviews filmed and produced by Urban Pitch or discovered by our editorial team.

Yohane ATWs and juggling freestylevideo

Japanese Girl Rocks at Freestyle and She’s Only 7 Years Old?!

There's definitely something special happening with the freestyle scene in Japan. Previously, Keisuke aka freestyle10k got our attention with his mad skills and flair at only 16 years old. Now we...
Freestyle Lexicon & Terms to know

Lexicon, Part 1: A Guide to Freestyle Terms

So you're a soccer player, or a footballer (depending on the country of origin), and been raised on a healthy diet of drills tailored for the full field—passing, trapping, shooting, plyometrics—all the...
Nordon Stitou demos the Scorpion for Nike FootballX.

Nike FootballX Skills: Nordin Stitou Demos the Scorpion

"The Scorpion" should come with a warning label: NOT FOR BEGINNERS: Advanced ballers only. Beep beep beep, flashing red lights. The unreal move was created by Netherland's Nordin Stitou, which...
Neymar Jrs Five Global Five-a-side tournament

Neymar Jr. Launches Neymar Jr’s Five: A Global Five-A-Side Tournament

"Can you see it? Football. It's everywhere!" So announces Neymar's global signature football tournament kicking off an international five-a-side tournament (Neymar Jr's Five) open to men and women between the...
Nike FootballX Skills: The 360 Backheel Flick

Nike FootballX Skills: The 360 Backheel Flick

Dutch street baller Ike Neil demos the killer move that can take down and humiliate your opponent, while setting you up for a goal-scoring opportunity ... in the right conditions. The "360 Backheel...

USMNT’s Mix Diskerud Breaks Down the “Magic Mix”

U.S. National Team midfielder Mikkel Morgenstar Pålssønn "Mix" Diskerud showcases this visually simple but hard-to-replicate trick. Born in Norway, Diskerud is a starter for New York City's FC and scored their...
Chinatown freestyle

Mo-Ali and Frankie Flo Hit Up NYC Chinatown

File under dream pop freestyle Chinatown. If there is such a subgenre, Mo-Ali from IT10 Soccer and Frankie Flo have accomplished it in this stylish, emo video where the two...
Street king's Edward van Gils take on LA street ballers.

L.A. Ballers vs. Edward van Gils Is an Insane Showcase of Skill That Will Make You Weep

The West Side was recently graced by a visit from one of the original legends in the game, the Street King himself, Edward van Gils! The pioneer of street...

Nike FootballX Skills by Fredo Sainz: The Flick Flick

Shout out to Santa Clarita, CA, churning out ballers like Alfredo "Fredo" Sainz who keep SoCal swag alive with moves like "The Flick Flick." With a long history in...

In Cali, It’s Always a Good Day to Ball

There are some days you just want to forget your troubles, meet up with the homies, and do what you love. In our case, that means playing ball, and when you're in Cali

TeamBackPack Drops Some Bars for Futsal Kids

TeamBackPack surprised the aspiring ballers of a recent 5v5 youth tournament hosted at UrbanFutsal LA. The Adidas-sponsored event treated the kiddies to some choice schwag while top artists Obvi, Catalyst, & X dropped...
Joltter Pickup Futsal

Joltter Drops by for Pickup and Schools L.A.

If you're a true baller in L.A., it's pretty much guaranteed you've dropped by our UrbanFutsal LA facility to catch a pickup game or attend one of our live...

Mohamed Reda Has Extremely Quick Feet

Mohamed Reda, more widely known as M10, visited us here at UrbanFutsal LA a few months back to check out the street football scene and play some pickup. On this night, he
Palle, the "godfather of air moves".video

Palle Still the Godfather of Air Moves, Even in the Basement

Our favorite Swede is back at it with acrobatic combos that are straight smooth. Why Palle chose to film this in his basement, I have no idea. It's possible the...
Adidas Boss LA

Adidas Shows L.A. How to #BossEveryone With “Purecontrol”

Adidas has been everywhere lately, releasing a slew of suped-up new gear and launching a fresh marketing campaign that seeks to reinvigorate their place in football. The three-stripe company has always

Urban Spotlight: Kotaro Tokuda, Youngest Freestyle Champ

One of Japan's premier freestylers, Kotaro Tokuda aka "Tokura," first began playing soccer in the sixth grade. When an injury on the field turned him onto freestyle, Tokuda quickly took...

Freestyle Champ Marvin Rodriguez Demos His Backflip Catch

Marvin Rodriguez is part of Mexico's Kskrita wrecking crew that has been straight bulldozing the freestyle scene lately. Rodriguez nearly swept last year's SISM, Mexico, and North American Freestyle championships by going 1-1-2...
Umar Dalati Freestyle B-Boy Soulspin

Umar’s Signature Move: The B-Boy Soulspin

SoCal's Umar Dalati broke down one of his favorite moves that, as you can probably tell from the name, makes him feel like a b-boy. Considering Dalati is 6-foot and...

Josh Rey Is on Something Nasty with this JBR Combo

I remember the night Josh Rey filmed this unreal combo at our facility for theFC. Although I was busy handling pickup game duties that night, I sneaked in a few peeks during the...

Yael Averbuch, U.S. Women’s National Player, Shows Off the Jersey Turnpike

Professional soccer player Yael Averbuch, who's a member of FC Kansas City and a midfielder for the U.S. Women's National Team, demonstrates an acrobatic move that "probably" wouldn't be used in...


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