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Street football, or street soccer, is played on a concrete pitch or outdoors on makeshift courts. A fast-paced, short-sided game, it melds together a high degree of skill, personal style, and quick decision-making. Already a global phenomenon, street football has been a training ground for some of the world’s greatest ballers.

End the Week in Style With a New Edition of Top 10 Tekkers

The weekend is upon us, and that can only mean one thing — a fresh batch of the sickest tekkers from the previous week. As we make our way into...

The Youth Movement: How Copenhagen Panna House Built Denmark’s Street Football Culture From the Ground Up

Since 2012, Copenhagen Panna House has created a buzz around street football in Denmark that was previously nonexistent. Through its extensive work with Danish youth and successful social media...

The Beautiful Struggle: 10 Pains Every Street Baller Knows Too Well

The sun is going down and it's been a long day at school or work. Although the day is ending for some, it is actually just beginning for many....

Take a Trip Around the World With the Top 10 Tekkers of the Week

The level of play around the world is exponentially increasing on a daily basis. Ballers from all over the globe are constantly landing new tricks and pushing through boundaries...

The Roundup: Events to Get Rid of That Summertime Sadness

FOMO is real. Stay up to date with our monthly Roundup series, which highlights some of the biggest and best street football and freestyle events both in the U.S....
Adidas Tango Manchester United

Adidas Opens The Base LA With an International Tango League Showdown

To initiate the opening of the new Base LA, the Los Angeles, New York and London Adidas Tango League champions duked it out in a high octane match that...
Neymar Jr's Five World Final Brazil

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience at Neymar Jr.’s Five World Final

Lodging together in the same hotel, the ballers were exposed to countless different cultures and lifestyles while bonding over their mutual love of the beautiful game.
Neymar Jr's Five World Final

Live Stream: Neymar Jr’s Five World Final | July 8TH, 12PM BRT (8AM PST / 5PM CEST)

-- WATCH IT LIVE: JULY 8TH, 12PM BRT (8AM PST / 5PM CEST) -- https://www.redbull.tv/embed/live/AP-1S3XZ9P312111

Top 10 Tekkers to Pop Off July With a Bang

From the Confederations Cup to the European Street Cup, it's been a busy few weeks in the world of both urban and traditional football. All that footy being played...

Hip-Hop and the Beautiful Game: The Top 5 Star-Powered Rap and Football Collaborations

As the beautiful game explores and revisits its street origins, hip-hop and football appear to be speeding towards a headlong collision of music, artistry and combined creativity.

Denmark Wins Big in a Wild Weekend at the European Street Cup

Home field advantage was more than apparent at the European Street Cup in Aalborg, Denmark, where the Danish took a clean sweep of the championship events. Anders Borg took first...
Neymar Jr's Five Victory FC

U.S. Looks to Prove Itself Among International Competition at Neymar Jr.’s Five World Final

After months of anticipation, the world's best five-a-side teams will make their way to Praia Grande, Brazil — the hometown of Neymar himself — for the Neymar Jr.'s Five World Final from July 7-8.

The Ronaldinho Globe Street Team Aims to Entertain While Inspiring

The Ronaldinho Globe Street Team, billed as the greatest street football team ever assembled, was created to challenge the world's top street ballers while spreading positivity and inspiration through the most authentic form of the beautiful game. 

Can Small-Sided Football Become the Next Olympic Sport?

The International Olympic Committee has added several new events to the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo in hopes of adding youth and urban appeal. Can a street-style, small-sided football event be the next to be added?

Top 10 Tekkers: Summer Time and the Ballin’ Is Easy

Summer is in full swing and just as the temperature is rising, so is the talent of ballers young and old. From big street football tournaments in Denmark to...

The Roundup: Upcoming Summer Events That You Can’t Miss

Stay up-to-date with the latest freestyle, futsal, and street football events upcoming this summer. You're not going to want to miss any of these.
Tubaína Cup São Paulo

Urban Lens: The Tubaína Cup in the Brazilian District of Cohab de Taipas

In the Brazilian district of Cohab de Taipas, located on the outskirts of São Paulo, we see that the all-important neighborhood tournament is still alive and well.
Neymar Jr's Five Miami Final

Neymar Jr.’s Five U.S. National Finals: A Battle of Pure Passion

The beautiful game "joga bonita" only requires two ingredients: a ball and pure passion.
Street Soccer USA National Cup

Street Soccer USA’s National Cup Shares the Beautiful Game With Those in Need

Street Soccer USA held its second annual National Cup from June 9-11, featuring teams from across the U.S. comprised of players dealing with homelessness, poverty, addiction, and other challenges vying for a national championship crown.
Olivia Moultrie

Urban Spotlight: Olivia Moultrie, the 11-Year Old Phenom Who’s Impacting American Youth Soccer

"When I started treating every day like an opportunity and training to be a professional, I really fell in love with the process of trying to become great."


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