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Street football, or street soccer, is played on a concrete pitch or outdoors on makeshift courts. A fast-paced, short-sided game, it melds together a high degree of skill, personal style, and quick decision-making. Already a global phenomenon, street football has been a training ground for some of the world’s greatest ballers.

Adidas Launches Ace and X Boots with L.A. Street Tourney

This past July, Adidas, Niky's Sports, and UrbanFutsal LA (sister company of Urban Pitch) collaborated on the company's "Be The Difference" promo and the launch of their new Ace and X...

Edward van Gils’ Favorite Book is Absolutely Genius

During his recent visit to L.A., street football legend and pioneer Edward van Gils dropped in to our indoor facility, UrbanFutsal LA, to wreck some players and give us an exclusive...

Welcome to Urban Pitch!

I've always loved the thrill of competing in just about anything one can imagine, but above all, soccer has been my greatest and most long-lasting passion. My love for the beautiful game began...


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