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Street football, or street soccer, is played on a concrete pitch or outdoors on makeshift courts. A fast-paced, short-sided game, it melds together a high degree of skill, personal style, and quick decision-making. Already a global phenomenon, street football has been a training ground for some of the world’s greatest ballers.

Can Small-Sided Football Become the Next Olympic Sport?

The International Olympic Committee has added several new events to the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo in hopes of adding youth and urban appeal. Can a street-style, small-sided football event be the next to be added?

Top 10 Tekkers: Summer Time and the Ballin’ Is Easy

Summer is in full swing and just as the temperature is rising, so is the talent of ballers young and old. From big street football tournaments in Denmark to...

The Roundup: Upcoming Summer Events That You Can’t Miss

Stay up-to-date with the latest freestyle, futsal, and street football events upcoming this summer. You're not going to want to miss any of these.
Tubaína Cup São Paulo

Urban Lens: The Tubaína Cup in the Brazilian District of Cohab de Taipas

In the Brazilian district of Cohab de Taipas, located on the outskirts of São Paulo, we see that the all-important neighborhood tournament is still alive and well.
Neymar Jr's Five Miami Final

Neymar Jr.’s Five U.S. National Finals: A Battle of Pure Passion

The beautiful game "joga bonita" only requires two ingredients: a ball and pure passion.
Street Soccer USA National Cup

Street Soccer USA’s National Cup Shares the Beautiful Game With Those in Need

Street Soccer USA held its second annual National Cup from June 9-11, featuring teams from across the U.S. comprised of players dealing with homelessness, poverty, addiction, and other challenges vying for a national championship crown.
Olivia Moultrie

Urban Spotlight: Olivia Moultrie, the 11-Year Old Phenom Who’s Impacting American Youth Soccer

"When I started treating every day like an opportunity and training to be a professional, I really fell in love with the process of trying to become great."
Top Tekkers Summer

Top 10 Tekkers to Kick Off Summer

As summer season begins, it's officially time to bring in the sun rays along with some of the favorite highlights from the past week. This week's top tekkers covers several mind-blowing...
Nike Neymar Jr. Live East Los

Neymar Jr. Lights up East LA at Nike Block Party

A kaleidoscopic mix of ballers, shot callers and power brokers mingled in with business owners, media influencers and wannabe pretenders were all crammed into a raucous block party to witness the unveiling of both mural and world-renowned athlete.
Neymar Jr's Five Rotterdam

Witnessing Rotterdam’s New Generation of Street Footballers at Neymar Jr’s Five

We witness a new generation continuing the important tradition of ballers from Rotterdam exhibiting their unique combination of technical skill and street culture.
2017 Pannahouse Invitational

2017 Pannahouse Invitationals: An Unforgettable Experience

Last year’s competition saw Soufiane Bencok claim his 1v1 championship crown after Ilyas Touba mysteriously disappeared before playing in the final. Shortly after, the #whereistouba hashtag started trending. This year a new champion would soon come to be.
Neymar Jr's Five New Jersey

Neymar Jr’s Five: New Jersey Winners and Tournament Snaps

The Neymar Jr's Five U.S. qualifiers continued in New Jersey this past Saturday at the Red Bull Arena. There, "The Ville," a crew of all 18-year-olds still juniors and seniors in...
Red Bull Neymar Jr's Five San Diego

San Diego Showcases Top Teams from Both Sides of the Border in Neymar Jr’s Five

As the qualifiers for Neymar Jr's Five enters its latter stages, we visited San Diego to witness eager, talented players compete for a place in the U.S. finals in Miami. San...
Zeem Ahmad Malaysia

Malaysia’s Do-It-All Baller Zeem Ahmad “Keeps It Street” and Shares His Urban Picks

Zeem Ahmad is one of those rare specimens that will meg you without a thought and then proceed to dazzle you with his freestyle skills. As one of these crossbreed talents,...
Adidas Boots and Bounce

Adidas “Boots and Bounce” Challenges Athletes to Dual Sports

Adidas hosted a rare football-meets-track and field competition at Santa Monica College this past Saturday, April 29, that put athletes to a test of endurance and skill, while showcasing the company's latest advancements...

Top 10 Tekkers for the End of the World

Even as the world nudges closer and closer to what seems like inevitable, mutually assured destruction, we footballers can still count on the beauty of the game and its unifying...

Puma Signs Jeand Doest, Lisa Zimouche, Mario Balotelli, and Releases New 365 Model

The street side of the beautiful game continues to push itself toward the mainstream, as Puma announced the signing of freestyle / ground mover extraordinaire Lisa Zimouche, street football heavyweight Jeand...

On the Rooftop with Adidas Tango League: The Manhattan Edition

The Adidas Tango League is a global short-sided tournament series that showcases young, creative football talent. Judges award an MVP to a player who displays deftness and creativity, while participants get...

All Hail the FA People’s Cup, Bringing 5v5 Football to the Masses

The FA People's Cup is precisely what it sounds like: the "people's" version of England's annual Football Association (FA) Cup, albeit in 5v5 format. Now in its third edition,...

Yo Street Zone Trains the Future Ballers Who Can Meg You Now

A London footballer is putting a small coastal city in England on the map, and he's doing it with a street school for the young. Yofi Yvorra is the...


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