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Blending artistry and technical prowess, freestyle football focuses on moves not necessarily designed for in-game purposes. Predominantly juggling and aerial tricks, often performed in complex combos, freestyle allows the individual to create their own personal style. As one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, it has become a rich outlet for performance and a site of high-level competition.

Eight Struggles That Every Freestyler Knows Too Well

While being a professional freestyler comes with glamour, it also comes with its fair share of problems. These are eight, relatable struggles that every freestyler encounters at some point in their career.
Josh Sanders freestyle

Freestyler’s Playlist: Josh Sanders Uses Hip-Hop to Inspire Creativity

This edition of Freestyler’s Playlist comes by way UK’s third ranked freestyler, 17-year-old wunderkind Josh Sanders, who uses hip hop and his natural surroundings to fuel creativity and inspiration.

The Mental Side of Freestyle, Part I: Preparing for a Competition

It is easy to get caught up in the technical side of freestyling. However, the mental side is just as important. Pro freestyler and sporting mental performance coach Stephen Gray dives into the mental aspect of freestyle.
VLO freestyler

Getting to Know MistaVLO: The Next Scandinavian Superstar

I would prefer to be recognized as a combination of both performer and competitor, but If I had to choose, I am a competitor for sure.
Top Tekkers Summer

Top 10 Tekkers to Kick Off Summer

As summer season begins, it's officially time to bring in the sun rays along with some of the favorite highlights from the past week. This week's top tekkers covers several mind-blowing...
Bruno Kallas freestyle playlist

Freestyler’s Playlist: Bruno Kallas is Motivated to Challenge the Best

I have to practice more than I rap and dance along to the music. So it's all about finding that balance between music that pushes you but also doesn't distract you.

Rookies and Pros Vie for UK and Ireland Freestyle Titles at AFFO

The Atlantic Freestyle Football Open takes place in several coastal cities throughout the UK. Now in its second year, the competition offers a chance for both beginners and pros to compete...
Jannis Gasser

The Man Behind the Camera: Why Everyone Needs Jannis Gasser in Their Instafeed

It's fair to say social media has been a catalyst for the rise of freestyle football in recent years, the chief culprit being everyone's favourite photo/video sharing app, Instagram. Every day,...
Yo Katsuyama JFFC 2017

The Japan Freestyle Football Championship Was an Insane Display of Creativity and Personal Style

The Japan Freestyle Football Championship (JFFC) takes place over two days and acts as a qualifier for the Asian Freestyle Football Championship, an F3-sanctioned event. Now in its third...

Origins of a Move: How the J-Stall Flipped the Freestyle Game on Its Head

When I started out in freestyle football some nine years ago, the sport was (and probably still is) in its infancy. Since then we have seen the physical and...
Jasmijn Janssen Freestyler's Playlist

Freestyler’s Playlist: The Netherlands’ Jasmijn Janssen Keeps It Fresh with Inspired Moves and New Tunes

Dutch freestyler Jasmijn Janssen is hard at work toward her goal of breaking into the top 3 of female freestylers in the world. She's been the Dutch champion for three years...
Urban Street Team

Urban Street Team Grows Freestyle Network Throughout Southeast Asia

Freestyle football is laying deep roots in Singapore, thanks largely to the pioneering freestylers of Urban Street Team (UST). Created in 2009 by Terence Ong, Terry Lee, and Mohammad...
Zeem Ahmad Malaysia

Malaysia’s Do-It-All Baller Zeem Ahmad “Keeps It Street” and Shares His Urban Picks

Zeem Ahmad is one of those rare specimens that will meg you without a thought and then proceed to dazzle you with his freestyle skills. As one of these crossbreed talents,...

Top 10 Tekkers for the End of the World

Even as the world nudges closer and closer to what seems like inevitable, mutually assured destruction, we footballers can still count on the beauty of the game and its unifying...

Puma Signs Jeand Doest, Lisa Zimouche, Mario Balotelli, and Releases New 365 Model

The street side of the beautiful game continues to push itself toward the mainstream, as Puma announced the signing of freestyle / ground mover extraordinaire Lisa Zimouche, street football heavyweight Jeand...

On the Rooftop with Adidas Tango League: The Manhattan Edition

The Adidas Tango League is a global short-sided tournament series that showcases young, creative football talent. Judges award an MVP to a player who displays deftness and creativity, while participants get...

Freestyler’s Playlist: Ryan Sagayaga Proudly Reps Hawai’i as the State’s Only Freestyler

As Ryan Sagayaga embarks on improving himself as a football freestyler, he also has a mission to help grow the sport throughout Hawai'i. You see, Sagayaga is currently the...

The UK’s Atlantic Freestyle Football Open Gives Talent a Much-Needed Stage (On Some Amazing Beach Locations)

The Atlantic Freestyle Football Open takes place in three coastal cities throughout the UK. Now in its second year, the competition offers a chance for both beginners and pros to...

Freestyler’s Playlist: Australia’s Jordan Morrison is Coming For Your Titles

Originally from the Gold Coast of Australia, Queensland-born Jordan Morrison is just 18, and is rapidly climbing the rungs of freestyle with the hunger. With a first place finish in...

Origins of a Move: The Evolution of the ATW

Freestyle football today has evolved into one of the most innovative and creative sports in the world. Every day, there are new videos with new tricks, a sign that...


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