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Blending artistry and technical prowess, freestyle football focuses on moves not necessarily designed for in-game purposes. Predominantly juggling and aerial tricks, often performed in complex combos, freestyle allows the individual to create their own personal style. As one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, it has become a rich outlet for performance and a site of high-level competition.

Caitlyn Schrepfer, the Beyoncé of Freestyle, Shows Us Her Favorite Move

If Caitlyn Schrepfer was a Destiny's Child, she would be a mix of Beyoncé's hard-core talent, Kelly Rowland's unassuming cool, and the good-news optimism of Michelle Williams. Schrepfer is quickly becoming one...

Séan Garnier Gave Me Panna-noia

Séan Garnier — the myth, the legend, the deliver of painful pannas — recently dropped in on our UrbanFutsal LA facility for a private film session. It started off friendly...
Gio Freestyle North American Championships

Delirious Flow: Gio Reps Mexican Ballers at Freestyle Finals

Mexican freestyler Jovanny "Gio" González, or Big 'Fro, as we like to call him, has been cleaning up on the freestyle scene with impressive wins in the 2015 calendar year. While...

Welcome to Urban Pitch!

I've always loved the thrill of competing in just about anything one can imagine, but above all, soccer has been my greatest and most long-lasting passion. My love for the beautiful game began...


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