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Blending artistry and technical prowess, freestyle football focuses on moves not necessarily designed for in-game purposes. Predominantly juggling and aerial tricks, often performed in complex combos, freestyle allows the individual to create their own personal style. As one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, it has become a rich outlet for performance and a site of high-level competition.

In His Own Words: Umar Dalati’s Freestyler’s Playlist

There’s a few things you’ll never find a freestyler without: a ball, a camera, and headphones (or a portable radio). The Freestyler's Playlist series features a new freestyler each...
Bruno Kallas freestyle playlist

Freestyler’s Playlist: Bruno Kallas is Motivated to Challenge the Best

I have to practice more than I rap and dance along to the music. So it's all about finding that balance between music that pushes you but also doesn't distract you.
adidas gamedayplus episode 9

Adidas Gamedayplus Episode 9: The French Connection

In the latest installment of Adidas' Gamedayplus series, S3 freestyle members Andreas Cetkovic, Moss Wassim, and Logan link up with PSG stars Lucas Moura and Kevin Trapp for some...
Pawel Skora Freestyle Urban Picks

World Champion Paweł Skóra Shares His “Urban Picks”

Fans worldwide know Paweł Skóra as a freestyle pioneer who's expanded the realm of lower combos and helped push the limits of freestyle. With multiple moves named after him, Skora...
Jannis Gasser

The Man Behind the Camera: Why Everyone Needs Jannis Gasser in Their Instafeed

It's fair to say social media has been a catalyst for the rise of freestyle football in recent years, the chief culprit being everyone's favourite photo/video sharing app, Instagram. Every day,...
Gio Freestyle North American Championships

Delirious Flow: Gio Reps Mexican Ballers at Freestyle Finals

Mexican freestyler Jovanny "Gio" González, or Big 'Fro, as we like to call him, has been cleaning up on the freestyle scene with impressive wins in the 2015 calendar year. While...

The Round-Up: Street Ball, Futsal, and Freestyle Events Coming Your Way This Spring and Summer

For those of you itching for some street football, freestyle, or futsal, we've put together a calendar of upcoming events for Spring and Summer 2017. But don't delay, registration...
VLO freestyler

Getting to Know MistaVLO: The Next Scandinavian Superstar

I would prefer to be recognized as a combination of both performer and competitor, but If I had to choose, I am a competitor for sure.
Zeem Ahmad freestyle

Malaysia’s Multi-Talented Zeem Ahmad is on the Street with All-Around Game

We were first introduced to Zeem Ahmad as he was preparing for the recent Pannahouse Invitationals that took place in Denmark. Copenhagen Panna House founder Kristoffer Liicht spotted the Malaysian baller...

Top 10 Tekkers to Kick Off March!

Seasons are changing, and so is the game. This week, we dive into some of the best tekkers on social media, from freestyle, street ball, pannas, and the latest...

Freestyle Football World Tour 2016 Results

The F3 World Tour concluded in picturesque Melbourne this past weekend. It was an exciting flurry of battles between a new crop of rising stars hoping to usurp the...

Who to Watch: Russia’s New Street Ballers

Along with the noticeable rise of street football in the U.S., the street game hype is happening all over the world, with exciting talent popping up all over the place with a variety of unique styles. Russia is one area...
Adidas Boss LA

Adidas Shows L.A. How to #BossEveryone With “Purecontrol”

Adidas has been everywhere lately, releasing a slew of suped-up new gear and launching a fresh marketing campaign that seeks to reinvigorate their place in football. The three-stripe company has always

Top 10 Street Football Skills From Last Year’s European Season to Get You Fired Up

Last season in Europe we were treated to some nice skills that we normally see on the streets and here at Urban Pitch we'd like to show you some of the best to get you hyped up about the current ongoing tournaments

Freestyler’s Playlist: The Young Dutch Champ, Jesse Marlet

Fresh off his first international win at Winterball in Italy, up-and-coming Dutch freestyler Jesse Marlet lays down some of the tracks that get him ready to roll. WINTERBALL CHAMPION 2017!!🏆😨🇮🇹...

The Roundup: Upcoming Summer Events That You Can’t Miss

Stay up-to-date with the latest freestyle, futsal, and street football events upcoming this summer. You're not going to want to miss any of these.

Freestyler’s Playlist: Greece’s Katerina Karali

This week's Freestyler's Playlist comes by way of Greece from 21-year-old champion freestyler Katerina Karali. In 2014 Karali was Greek Female Freestyle Champion and has since ranked in the...
Mr. Woo hero

The Creation of a Sport: A Journey through Freestyle with the Legendary Mr. Woo

Every discipline has its masters, and in the pantheon of football freestylers none is more legendary than Woo Hee-Yong, or “Mr. Woo” as he's fondly known around the world. Woo was born ...
Adidas Tango League NY

Tango League NYC: Adidas Gathers East Coast Creatives for a Night of Street Football

The Adidas Tango League is a global campaign that finds and showcases young, creative football talent around the world. The company has been hosting Tango League tournaments in select cities...

Philippines’ PWG Wins Asian Freestyle Football Championship

The Asian Freestyle Football Championship (AFFC) is the preeminent freestyle competition in Asia. This year, the event featured 31 participants from Japan, China, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Iran, Hong...


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